Something Brewing for VeeFriends?

Something Brewing for VeeFriends?
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Gary V continued his tease that "a lot is coming" for VeeFriends and Book Games NFT holders in a tweet on Thursday afternoon. 

❗Why It Matters

While not much major news has come through for VeeFriends holders in quite some time, Gary V continues to tease that something is coming ahead of the second annual VeeCon, which is slated to take place in Indianapolis later this year. Though little is known about "what" is coming, it does appear Gary V is planning on rewarding his entire ecosystem, not just original VeeFriends NFT holders. 

🎬 Take Action

While little is known, Gary V is encouraging all ecosystem NFT holders to ensure they create an account on the new VeeFriends website. 

Users can create an account by visiting 

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LFG!! I like your surprises! 👀👀 can’t waitfouaditani

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