First Wave of VeeCon Speakers Announced

First Wave of VeeCon Speakers Announced
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Gary Vaynerchuk announced the first wave of VeeCon speakers and the launch of the VeeCon 2023 website yesterday evening in a major update for one of the industry's premier in-person events.

 Why It Matters

2023 has thus far proven to be a challenging year for web3 conferences, as PROOF Collective cancelled its 2023 conference and Yuga Labs announced its plans to separate ApeFest 2023 from NFT NYC. Nonetheless, there still seems to be strong interest around VeeCon, and Vaynerchuk has assembled an impressive list of initial speakers for the event.

The Details

  • VeeCon 2023 will be held in Indianapolis, Indiana from May 18-May 20.
  • As was the case in 2022, VeeCon 2023 will implement an NFT-ticketed experience. VeeCon 2022 Ticket NFTs briefly crested a 2 ETH floor last year, and held above 1 ETH leading up to last year's event.
  • Rapper Busta Rhymes will perform an opening night concert at VeeCon 2023.
  • Confirmed speakers include Andy8052, Sara Baumann, Tom Bilyeu, Deepak Chopra, DeeZe, Carly Reilly and many more. View the full list here.

🔜 What's Next?

  • VeeCon 2023 Ticket NFTs will be airdropped into wallets holding VeeFriends Series 1 NFTs in the coming weeks. Non-VeeFriends holders who wish to attend VeeCon can purchase a ticket from the secondary marketplace.

⚡ Take Action

  • Prepare for VeeCon 2023 by downloading the official VeeCon App from the App Store.

ğŸŽ¤ Community Feedback

VeeCon was literally the best conference I ever been too. I'm so honored to be speaking again.. looking forward to connect with you guys!!illmind.eth


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