Gary V Announces Mint Mink Utility

Gary V Announces Mint Mink Utility

Gary Vaynerchuk updated VeeFriends holders with the official utility details for Mint Mink NFT holders from Series 1 or Series 2 VeeFriends NFTs. 

Mint Mink NFTs will grant holders exclusive access to allowlists, airdrops, and free mints from new and emerging NFT projects and projects associated with VeeFriends. 

It is important to note, that owning a Mint Mink NFT does not guarantee allowlists or free mints, as certain criteria may be applied based on the giveaway or opportunity presented. Select collaborations may be dependent upon snapshots or raffles. 

At the time of the announcement Mint Mink NFT holders already have allowlist opportunities and benefits with five upcoming projects including, Ledger Market Pass NFT, Save The Date, Outsiders, Phto, and Galaxy Fight Club. 

For more details on each opportunity, read the official press release

There are only 255 total Mint Mink NFTs, 40 in Series 1 and 215 in Series 2. At the time of writing, they hold floor prices of 14.77 and 1.5 ETH, respectively. 

More about VeeFriends

At the time of publish, the VeeFriends floor price sits at 5.75 ETH, and has stayed relatively flat over the past 24 hours on 11 ETH volume of transactions. Over the last 30 days, 4 sharp wallets have sold 4 NFTs and 2 sharp wallets have bought 2 NFTs in the VeeFriends collection. Catch up on other recent VeeFriends news here.

Recent VeeFriends Sales

#5215sold at 11/25 10:11pm for
#10225sold at 11/24 3:11pm for
#9987sold at 11/24 3:11pm for
#2031sold at 11/24 6:11am for
#6870sold at 11/23 8:11pm for

Recent VeeFriends Listings

#8451listed at 11/26 9:11am for
#8451listed at 11/26 9:11am for
#6726listed at 11/26 9:11am for
#6726listed at 11/26 9:11am for
#5951listed at 11/26 9:11am for
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