VeeFriends Announces the Next Reward for Gift Goat Holders

VeeFriends Announces the Next Reward for Gift Goat Holders
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VeeFriends announced Gift Goat Gift #7 today via Twitter, a collaboration with FrankyNines of SupDucks.

This kicks of the second season for Gift Goat holders. All holders will be rewarded with a pair of Huckberry's all-weather duck boots and 1-of-1 NFTs created by FrankyNines. The NFTs are titled Gifty Goat Delivery.

"We're very excited to partner with Huckberry, a lifestyle brand featuring outdoor apparel and gear for the adventurous," VeeFriends tweeeted. "Each Gift Goat holders will receive a pair of Huckberry's All-Weather Duck Boots, a 100 percent waterproof hybrid boot that combines rugged boot-like performance with the all-day comfort of a lightweight pair of sneakers."

The Huckberry's boots reward is a play on words with FrankyNines creating SupDucks, a popular duck-based NFT project.

"Those holders that are able to collect these different collabs and have the Gift Goat experience I think is super valuable," FrankyNines said in a video posted by VeeFriends on YouTube. "People that are fans of both communities, when they see this artwork, it's going to click. They're going to be like, 'oh snap, this is dope.'"

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