VeeFriends Burn Island Eruption XI Now Live

VeeFriends Burn Island Eruption XI Now Live
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VeeFriends introduced Eruption 11, allowing Series 2 token holders to swap for shimmering Super Stickers scenes.

The Deets

  • Burn Island Eruption 11 live until October 30th for Series 2 token holders.
  • Non-Spectacular Series 2 holders can swap for Super Stickers: 2023 Scene.
  • 1/1 Series 2 Spectacular token owners can access the exclusive Super Stickers: Sapphire 2023 Scene.
  • Eruption 11 promotes the crossover of physical and digital collectible realities.

The Bulk

VeeFriends is bringing back Burn Island for Eruption 11. The event is specially designed to cater to the Series 2 VeeFriends NFT holders and promises a blend of the physical and digital.

For the holders of non-Spectacular Series 2 tokens, there's the Super Stickers: 2023 Scene. It's designed with a prismatic yellow background and a hologram border, giving each item a renewed and dazzling appearance.Owners of the rare 1/1 Series 2 Spectacular tokens get an upgrade with the Super Stickers: Sapphire 2023 Scene.

At the heart of this update is the blending of physical and digital realities, a characteristic that defines the VeeFriends universe. Super Stickers, already a central feature of the VeeFriends collectibles, can now be integrated into the digital tokens, allowing for an enhanced experience for the holders.

💰 Money Talks

The physical Super Stickers market has seen activity lately, with unsealed boxes of Pins and Super Stickers selling for more than $400 on the secondary market. 

🎬 Take Action

If you're a Series 2 token holder and are eager to elevate your collectibles, ensure you participate in the Eruption 11 event before October 30. 

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