VeeFriends Takes a Trip to Burn Island

VeeFriends Takes a Trip to Burn Island
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VeeFriends introduced its new burn mechanism, called Burn Island, with a promotional video and blog post last night. Burn Island will serve as a type of rewards program for VeeFriends holders when it opens next week.

❗Why It Matters

The team will host a series of "Eruptions," or burn events beginning on February 21. During these eruptions, holders of VeeFriends S1 & S2, and Book Games NFTs will be able to burn their NFTs in exchange for various rewards that range from NFT swap options, to physical prizes, exclusive access to IRL events and rare NFTs.

🌋 Eruptions

  • Eruptions are burn events that introduce a new deflationary mechanism to the VeeFriends ecosystem.
  • Each eruption will have specific eligibility requirements. Eruptions will have start and end dates, and will not overlap.
  • The first eruption will begin on February 21 and end on March 2.

Take Action

  • VeeFriends & Book Games holders can prepare for the first eruption by creating an account on the VeeFriends website.

🎤 Community Feedback

Even if it MIGHT be a solid prize, I don't feel like burning any of my VF, book games etc@patlarochelle

Ok @veefriends, well done, I've not had more conviction in this than I do now, and I've believed in it from beginning@HeyItsJustMike


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