Virtual One Launches Customizable Avatars Platform

Virtual One Launches Customizable Avatars Platform
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Virtual One, a new customizable avatar project where every trait and accessory is an individual wearable, is launching its first collaboration with popular web3 artist Amber Vittoria.

❗ Why It Matters

Virtual wearables became a hot topic in the web3 scene earlier this year when the Doodles team launched its Doodles 2 collection on Flow blockchain. Operating in the same space, Virtual One offers a new and unique twist to web3 wearables where top artists will have the ability to create wearables that can then be traded on the marketplace.

🔎 The Deets

Virtual One envisions itself as a private customizable wearables platform, similar to Art Blocks in the art world, where artists and creators can drop wearables that have cross-avatar compatibility. The project's lead artist was Terrell Jones, creator of the Evil in Colour and Born 2 Die NFT collections, whose American Dream Life 1/1 was recently auctioned at Sotheby's. From here, the project plans to host monthly wearables drops with other top artists, with the first drop featuring Vittoria. 

Avatar customization takes place on the project's website, where a holder will connect their wallet to access the customization tool

⚒️ How It Works

Three separate contracts are involved in Virtual One's customization process: one for avatars, one for wearables and one for escrow. Avatars interact with the escrow contract, then an individual trait/accessory NFT is sent via the avatar customizer. Once a wearable has been sent to escrow, the avatar's metadata is updated to reflect the new wearable’s addition.

Things to keep in mind:

  • When an avatar is sold, all escrowed wearables equipped to that avatar are included in the sale.
  • The new buyer receives the ability to interact with the escrow contract for that avatar. Unequipped individual wearables will remain in the wallet of the original owner, and can be sold individually at a later time. 
  • Wearables cannot be sold individually while equipped to an avatar.

⚡Take Action

  • Participate in Seedle contests hosted by Virtual One for a chance to win one of the first 50 wearables. Holding one of these NFTs will grant entry to the mint list with access to upcoming drops.
  • The project also has plans to give away NFTs from Lead Artist Terrell Jones and other projects through its Seedle competitions.

🎤 Founder Feedback

"We are starting to see a trend of customizable NFTs so we wanted to build a new project with customization in mind from the start. Customization from day one enables projects to be dynamic and allows for more interesting opportunities via new content and collaborations with brands/creators. New mint drops of limited edition wearables won’t dilute the core base layer avatars and allow for us to provide consistent value to long term holders via airdrops.”

- Zach McMurray, Virtual One Founder

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