Checks Holders Get Accompanying PFPs

Checks Holders Get Accompanying PFPs
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Holders of Jack Butcher's "Checks" project can now each claim an accompanying Checks PFP. The PFPs are not tradeable and are "mirrored" to the Checks PFP, ensuring the appropriate Checks owner always has its respective PFP as well.

The Deets

  • The "mirror" function: Automates ownership transfers for Checks and PFP tokens
  • Semi-soulbound: Free claimable tokens for Checks PFPs, not tradeable but transferrable to new Checks owners. 

The Bulk

Jack and Jalil work up their magic once again with the innovative Mirrored721, an ERC721 extension. This innovative protocol updates Profile Picture (PFP) tokens to mirror the ownership of Checks tokens. The synchronization occurs through a "mirror" function, which automatically updates the PFP token when the associated Checks token changes hands.

Here's how it works: when the "mirror" function is triggered, it compares the current owners of Checks and PFP tokens. If both owners are the same, the function remains idle. But if they differ, the PFP token will be minted or transferred to mirror its corresponding Checks token.

The process comes with a small gas fee for users, but a bot handles single checks automatically.

To view or claim your Checks PFP, visit the official site. Additionally, the Checks PFPs can be viewed on OpenSea.

❗Why It Matters

Mirrored721 represents a leap in user experience and engagement, making Checks not just another NFT but a dynamic digital asset that updates in real time.

🎬 Take Action

Interested in taking advantage of this unique feature? Checks owners can head to the official Checks site to claim your Checks PFP today.

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