Checks Your Metadata

Checks Your Metadata
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Jack Butcher told holders of his Checks Open Edition project to "Check metadata" in a Sunday morning tweet, as the art of the project was replaced by a Pepe themed version that is similar to a derivative project Vincent Van Dough had recently released.

❗Why It Matters

Jack Butcher's "Checks" has been one of the hottest projects during open edition fever that has swept the NFT space over the past couple weeks. Van Dough is one of the most notable collectors in the space.

⁉️ What It Means

We don't know yet! But the market has seemingly reacted positively to the news so far, with a flurry of sales coming in the 25 minutes since Butcher's announcement.

🎤 Community Feedback

So bullish! It would be cool if the holder could choose the colors at anytimenoogz_eth

Wait what? Isn't this the one by @Vince_Van_Dough?Fahad Cheema

Lmao my checks are now pepe@FGK_2004

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