DeGods, y00ts Artist Leaves Amid Art Delays

DeGods, y00ts Artist Leaves Amid Art Delays
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One of the artists behind DeGods and the delay-maligned y00ts project announced their departure from Dust Labs in a Tuesday night Twitter thread

SCUM announced in the thread that he left the team Oct. 7, but didn't want to go "into specifics" of why he was leaving the popular Solana project. He said he planned to focus on the "1:1 art space" instead of PFPs which were "a distraction."

"...A distraction from the scariest and most important next steps: truly defining myself as a creative and showing myself what I am capable of creating on my own," SCUM tweeted. "Also if I experienced another scrap or delay I was going to rage quit anyway."

The y00ts: mint t00bs, which minted out Sept. 5, were supposed to reveal sometime in September, but the reveal was delayed indefinitely. Frank, one of the founders of Dust Labs, took an eight-day hiatus soon after along with the team to "resolve issues we've been having."

In SCUM's thread, he praised the members of the Dust Labs team from Frank ("I've learned to live by one very simple law of the universe: Fade Frank at your own peril. One day he will be truly great. Of that I have no doubts.") to Kevin: ("Insane I was fortunate enough to meet you. You are the most bullish aspect of the future of this thing. Will be cheering you from the sidelines.")

Kevin, the CEO of Dust Labs, respond to SCUM's thread in a tweet late Tuesday.

"Really was a pleasure to work with (SCUM), and I consider him an IRL friend with the time we spent together. First, one to wake up and draw with a fresh cup of coffee each morning," he said.

SCUM posted that he's spent more than 2,500 hours drawing and was thankful for his time with a team, but said the job "wasn't the monetary goldmine I'd hoped for."

On Oct. 9, Frank announced that DeGods and y00ts would not charge royalties on its collections on secondary marketplaces.

"What I learned about myself and the world of art and fashion in this process was priceless. I would have PAID for the relationships and connections made through this process," SCUM said.

There were 15,000 y00ts: mint t00bs and they cost 375 $DUST to burn to mint which was about $2.84 at the time of the sellout. The current cost of $DUST is $1.24.

The y00ts: mint t00bs have a floor price of 98.8 $SOL on Magic Eden, down from around 138 $SOL on Oct. 9.


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