Market Update | y00ts Rebound as SOL Rallies

Market Update | y00ts Rebound as SOL Rallies

y00ts have rebounded significantly from local lows, as Solana (SOL) rallies.

The y00ts floor is now 70 SOL ($1,302), up 75 percent from yesterday's low around 40 SOL. The price of SOL is also up 32 percent from local lows, now $18.60. Thus the y00ts are up over 100 percent in USD terms in the rally.

The collection has seen 59.8k SOL traded in the past 24 hours on Magic Eden, trailing just DeGods (founder Frank Degod's first collection) which traded 65.2k ETH on the day.

y00ts mint toobs are also up on the day, now at 103 SOL. The toobs briefly touched 57 SOL in the panic yesterday, and thus are up 80 percent from local bottom.

DeGods are also up substantially, seeing a local low at 127 SOL, and are now at 215 SOL floor (+69%).

With SOL recovering (though nothing is out of the woods yet in the crypto space), it will be interesting to see if Frank continues discussions around bridging to ETH - a very hot topic for his community.

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