The Highly-Anticipated y00ts Reveal Is Live Now

The Highly-Anticipated y00ts Reveal Is Live Now
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Popular NFT project y00ts is revealing now, according to a recent tweet from the project's founder Frank.

The frequently-delayed and highly-anticipated reveal will take place over the next few days, as one y00t unlocks every three minutes.

View the reveal in real time here.

Over 50 y00ts have revealed so far, and it appears there are already a few 1-of-1 NFTs in the collection. The second-ever revealed y00t has no traits and is called "Renaissance y00t." Other possible 1-of-1s include Queen y00t, Cloud y00t, Ice Cream King y00t, Wolf Of y00tstreet, and the most unique, y00t On Wall.

Certain y00ts, like the Wolf Of y00tstreet, pay tribute to prior successful NFT collection traits, like green laser eyes. But the project's artwork separates itself with subtle creativity.

Frank admitted to the challenges presented in creating the collection.

"y00ts has been the hardest thing I've ever worked on in my entire life," he said on Twitter late last night. "But nothing great is supposed to be easy anyway. y00ts is our love-letter to the web3 community."

Some NFT personalities are already excited about the reveal.

"Yo, these are dope," said dingaling, one of the most prevalent NFT collectors in the space and holder of more than 100 Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFTs.

The y00t drop website also has disabled buttons for "mint," "explorer," "staking," and "rewards."

Update: Shortly after the art reveal, the y00ts team opened up the y00t mint. 

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