Core Gameplay Improvements Live on Zed Run

Core Gameplay Improvements Live on Zed Run
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A handful of core gameplay improvements are now live on Zed Run's digital horse racing platform, according to an announcement from the platform

As part of the improvements, all racehorses have been officially migrated to a new racing system, which utilizes XP, Evo, levels, and a new class system. 

Now when entering free or paid races, each Zed Run horse will earn an allotment of experience points (XP), based on class, finishing position, and entry fee. After accumulating XP, horses can "level up" to the next class, improving the average speed of the horse and thusly making it more competitive. 

A horse's maximum class and level are ultimately dependent on the horse's Evo, or evolution, a rating that is based on the breed type of the horse. This rating provides the horse owner with an understanding of the maximum potential of a racehorse on Zed Run. For example, a Genesis racehorse is Evo 6, the highest Evo available. With this Evo, a horse may reach a level of 700, whereas a horse with an Evo of 5 may only reach a 500 level. 

Because of the significance of the changes to the racing platform, Zed Run will be monitoring gameplay and rebalancing over the course of the next few months. The platform has started slowly rolling out races at this time, though the process will unfold in a controlled manner.

For more information, refer to the Zed Run racing guide





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