Racehorse Borrowing Now Live on ZED RUN

Racehorse Borrowing Now Live on ZED RUN
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ZED RUN announced that lending/racehorse borrowing is now live on its platform in a Discord announcement.

Users who wish to borrow a racehorse will navigate to the "Marketplace" tab on the official website to browse through racehorses that are available to be rented. It is worth noting that for the time being, users are only able to rent one racehorse at a time.

Once the racehorse is borrowed, it will be available for use in the borrower's wallet for four days. The user who borrowed the racehorse will then be able to race the horse in free or paid races where they will pay the fee to do so.

All of the winnings gained from races featuring a borrowed racehorse will be split between the borrower and the lender. The prizes will be split between the two parties but before winnings are split the inital fees will first be distrubuted to the borrower.

After the lending period is over, the borrowed racehorse will either be transferred back to the Lending Marketplace or to the owners stable if they have the "return to stable" setting toggled on.

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