The first ZED RUN x Human Park Collab is Here

The first ZED RUN x Human Park Collab is Here
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The first ZED RUN x Human Park collab is here! The two Virtual Human Studios (VHS) projects have teamed up to offer a ZED Head Nood Suit NFT, dropping today on the new VHS website

VHS describes Human Park as a "next generation web3 experience that will empower our community to interpret the Metaverse in their own way." "Noods" are characters within Human Park that serve as blank canvases to be built upon, and Nood Suits are custom skins that can be worn within the metaverse.

The ZED Head Nood Suit is a "fully playable wearable within Human Park." The NFT can be minted either in wETH for 0.05 wETH or $ZED -- the native token of the VHS ecosystem -- for 875 $ZED. The suit itself is a playful NFT that is described as "ridiculous" on the project's website and changes a character's appearance to look like a ZED racehorse.

The announcement states that the mint will be open only for a limited time, although the end date has not yet been specified. At the time of writing, the floor price of the Human Park Official collection sits at 0.03 wETH with 64.8 wETH in total secondary trading volume. 

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