Zed Partners With Budweiser to Sell Passes

Zed Partners With Budweiser to Sell Passes

Zed Run is teaming up with Budweiser to sell 2,500 passes for $225 each (plus gas) as part of a new partnership that makes Budweiser: “The Official Beer of Zed Run.”

Holders of the Budweiser Passes will receive perks for the rest of 2022, including a July airdrop of one of three racehorse skins and a Budweiser-Zed Run metaverse T-shirt to use in Decentraland.

There will also be Budweiser-sponsored Zed Run tournaments, including one where the winner gets a year’s supply of Budweiser.

A Budweiser-themed racetrack will debut in the game on June 9.

Five hundred passes will be available for Budverse Heritage Can holders during a presale. Can holders and Zed Run players who own a Genesis racehorse or a NASCAR Zed Run pass will qualify for a 24-hour early access sale set to begin June 9 at 6 p.m. ET. A public sale is scheduled for June 10 at 6 p.m. ET.

More about Zed Run

The NFT horse racing ecosystem, Zed Run replicates the multi-billion dollar equine industry on the blockchain, where horse owners can buy, sell, breed, and race digital horses. Based on Novus Earth, Zed Run horses are made up of four different bloodlines: Nakamoto, Szabo, Finney, and Buterin, all with varying degrees of rarity, scarcity, and purity. 

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