Zed Run Announces Lending

Zed Run Announces Lending
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Zed Run announced it will be adding a lending mechanic to its platform in a recent tweet.

Users will soon be able to lend out their horses to other users to race.

For a user to put up their horse for lending they must first acquire a "Lending Permit,"

For every Lending Permit a user owns that is one horse they are able to lend out.

Once the horse is enters the "Lending Marketplace" it will be stored in a third-company smart contract and will be unable to be sold or bred by the borrower.

Users who wish to borrow a horse to race will visit the Lending Marketplace to do so and will split race winning 50/50 with the lender of the horse. Prizes will be immeidalty sent to both the borrowers and lenders respective wallets.


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