Zed Run Launches New Lending Marketplace

Zed Run Launches New Lending Marketplace
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Zed Run officially launched its new lending marketplace, which will allow new users to play the game for free and reward current users for sharing their digital horses.

ZED tokens are required for Lending Permits, the only way to access the lending protocol. And one Lending Permit is required per horse. Once users have a Lending Permit, navigate to "Manage Permits" and follow the on-screen prompts to lend out your horse.

Zed Run NFTs will always remain under the ownership of the lender. Relinquishing Lending Permits returns users deposited ZED tokens.

"It's time to put your inactive racehorses to work," the team wrote in its announcement on Discord. "Head to the Lending Marketplace and start your Lending journey today."

The prize distribution is 50/50 between the lender and borrower. Borrowers can only enter free races, paid races, and tournaments. They cannot breed or transfer horses.

Borrowers can also only borrow one horse at a time.

Borrowing is not yet live. Announcements are expected in the coming days about this upcoming feature. 

To learn more about Zed Run's new lending and borrowing features, see their guide here.

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