Zed Run Shares New Tournament Details for July

Zed Run Shares New Tournament Details for July
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Zed Run, the popular NFT horse racing platform, shared details about its upcoming tournaments in July via Discord today.

The major addition next month is paid-only tournaments, a new feature that the team is adding for the first time.

Paid-only tournaments will take place every Friday during July and consist only of an 'A' bracket. 'B' brackets are reserved for paid and free tournaments.

The Pity Point Cup, which is a way for Zed Run to get users with poor performance horses involved, will move from Friday to Sunday during July.

Following qualification, all finishing positions will be rewarded in each round.

Prize pool updates will continue to happen weekly as part of the team's treasury updates.

The first paid-only Fibonacci Cup starts on Jul. 1.

Next week's Daily Tournament prize pools total will be $14,075 per day.

Zed Run plans on continuing to test tournament styles and prize pool allocations. It will continue to add variety to its racing and tournament experiences and adjust based on user feedback. 

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