ZED RUN Shares Plans for Improved Future

ZED RUN Shares Plans for Improved Future
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ZED RUN is refocusing its vision, addressing challenges and laying out a plan for a more sustainable, inclusive in-game economy.

The Deets

  • Product Direction: A more coherent vision is emphasized, influenced by daily fantasy sports, e-sports, and real-life horse racing.
  • Communication: Company acknowledges past issues and commits to improved communication.
  • Third-Party Development Studio: Engaged for UX improvements and to accelerate feature deployment.
  • Major Enhancements: Horse retirement feature, more uses for $ZED, push to include third-party wagering, and more. 

The Bulk

ZED RUN, the digital racehorse ownership and racing platform, is recalibrating its future. The game's developers have addressed four key challenges that they feel need urgent attention for the platform to grow sustainably. They want to create a game where "the best stable owners are handsomely and hugely rewarded,"

The lack of clear product direction and effective communication has been a point of contention among the ZED RUN community. Addressing these issues, the company commits to "significantly improved comms from our official channels."

In terms of product delivery, ZED RUN is partnering with an external third-party development studio. This aims to expedite an extensive list of user experience improvements and support larger product builds in the short term.

A long list of product improvements is detailed in the full post, but some notable mentions include: the implementation of a horse retirement feature, more use for the $ZED token, a push forward with third-party wagering, and more. 

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๐ŸŽค Founder Feedback

Our team is excited to announce our ongoing commitment to advancing ZED RUN. Our unwavering dedication is fuelled by the expectations of our community. We are here for the long haul, resolute in our mission.Chris Laurent, founder ZED RUN

๐Ÿ”œ What's Next?

With the restructuring and newly outlined vision, expect to see the roll-out of feature updates and user experience improvements in the coming months.

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