ZED RUN Unleashes Day of the ZED

ZED RUN Unleashes Day of the ZED
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ZED RUN introduced a Halloween-Dia de los Muertos combo event, complete with racing challenges, exclusive skins, and ZED Token prizes.

The Deets

  • Day of the Dead Skin: A $25 USD entry ticket, mintable from October 19-25, 2023.
  • Exclusive Skins: Unlock Zombie, Mummy, and Skeleton skins through event challenges.
  • Racing Challenges: "Trick or Treat", "Sit and Ghost", and "Don't Pity the Dead" are the main contests, with additional Undead Horses and Fresh Blood challenges.
  • ZED Token Prizes: Top participants can snag lucrative token prizes.

The Bulk

ZED RUN is blending the spookiness of Halloween with the vibrant traditions of Dia de los Muertos for an upcoming event. To participate, racers need the Day of the Dead skin, the essential pass for all racing challenges. This skin can be minted on the ZED RUN website from October 19-25 for $25 USD worth of ZED Tokens.

ZED RUN is also offering three additional exclusive skins - Zombie, Mummy, and Skeleton. Racers can earn these by performing well in the event's challenges. For instance, the top spot on the overall "Day of the ZED" leaderboard transforms a horse's 3D model into a mesmerizing 3D skeleton horse, visible during 3D races.

Challenges like "Trick or Treat," "Sit and Ghost," and "Don't Pity the Dead" enable racers to amass points and ascend the leaderboards, aiming for ZED Token prizes. Furthermore, "Undead Horses" and "Fresh Blood" challenges provide even more avenues to win big, making the event enticing for both ZED RUN veterans and newcomers.

🎬 Take Action 

ZED stable owners can mint the new skins starting on Oct. 19 at ZED RUN

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