ZenAcademy Holders Receiving Airdrops

ZenAcademy Holders Receiving Airdrops
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ZenAcademy and 333 holders are being airdropped "Everywhere and Nowhere. Always and Never," from artist @WTVR_Studios according to an announcement from the ZenAcademy team.

WTVR_Studios is a rising Scottish artist and creator aiming to explore the big, existential questions in life. 

The airdrop is a gift on the first day of ZenMas, an initiative focused on commissioning and sharing art from rising artists in the NFT space. Each day for the next eleven days, a snapshot of ZenAcademy and 333 NFT holders will be taken. Approximately 30 minutes after the snapshot, all wallets holding the aforementioned NFTs will be dropped the ZenMas gift. 

Don't see your ZenMas gifts? Be sure to check your hidden folders. 

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