ZenAcademy Names Artist For Upcoming PFPs

ZenAcademy Names Artist For Upcoming PFPs
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ZenAcademy introduced its artist for the project's upcoming profile picture project (PFP) on Twitter this morning with a short teaser video.

โ— And the Artist is...

Pondering -- known for his SuperRare works -- will be the artist behind the collection's art.

๐Ÿ” The Deets

  • This is not the first time Pondering and ZenAcademy have worked together. Pondering previously created a ZenAcademy banner for the project's "12 Days of Zenmas."
  • Pondering also provided art for ZenAcademy's website illustration, ZenChests, Student IDs and 333 Club Membership Cards.
  • In the announcement thread, ZenAcademy described Pondering's style as "the perfect blend of magic and technology -- the exact tone we are hoping to achieve."

๐ŸŽค Community Feedback


Wow this is an amazing artist and I love the art! The style suits the whole ZenAcademy ethos perfectly.@RAREFIEDx

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