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What is Reignmakers?

DraftKings Reignmakers is a new NFT-based fantasy sports game built by the daily fantasy sports platform, DraftKings. 

Much like traditional or daily fantasy football contests, DraftKings Reignmakers allows users to compete against other users by building lineups full of NFL players and accumulating points for their in-game performance. 

However, with DraftKings Reignmakers, lineups are not built using a draft or salary cap. Instead, a user creates a lineup based on the DraftKings Reignmakers NFTs he or she owns.

What are my Reignmakers cards worth?

Using this Portfolio tool, there are two ways to look at how much your cards are worth.


Last Sale Price - Taken from the DraftKings marketplace transaction history for the card. This is the closest estimation for what you’ll actually get for the card if you choose to sell it. 


Lucky Trader Estimated Value - A custom-weighted algorithm by Lucky Trader that estimates how much value you will get from a card based on the point projections for the card in comparison to other cards.

How are weekly and remaining projections calculated?

Projections are calculated based on weighted industry averages. 

How is Marketplace Spend calculated?

The total amount of money spent on the DraftKings marketplace for cards. This doesn’t include packs.

How is the Lucky Trader Estimated Value calculated?

We consider a number of factors including weekly and season-long projections, marketplace activity, and schedule bonuses when estimating prices.

Can I see my Reignmakers card by position?

Using the filters on the Portfolio, you can see your cards by position and much more to help you find the card you’re looking for.

What is a SuperStar in Reignmakers?

To maintain fairness in play, DraftKings created a small list of NFL players and gave them the “SuperStar” status on DraftKings. This SuperStar status ensures that this player can only be used in one lineup. SuperStar designation is subject to change.


For example, a user might own two SuperStar player card NFTs, but they may only use one of the SuperStars per lineup, even if those player card NFTs maintain different positional categories.