NFL Reignmakers Air It Out PREMIUM BOOSTER PACK Drop TODAY: A Comprehensive Analysis of Pack Options and Expected Value

NFL Reignmakers Air It Out PREMIUM BOOSTER PACK Drop TODAY: A Comprehensive Analysis of Pack Options and Expected Value
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The DraftKings Reignmakers community is in for a thrill this Pack Friday with the drop of the Air It Out Premium Booster Packs. Those with Preferred Access Cards or a Field Pass can purchase starting now, while public access opens at 6:00 p.m. ET with a drop price of $99.99!

The pack drop features a Premium Booster Pack, promising a 50% chance of securing an ELITE, LEGENDARY, or REIGNMAKER tier digital card. Each pack comes with three cards only, but the rarity factor has viewers on the edge of their seats, as each pack has a 50% chance of getting an ELITE, LEGENDARY or even a REIGNMAKER tier card.

The Odds Say you can expect, on average, 2.5 RARE cards, 0.423 ELITE, 0.065 LEGENDARY, and 0.012 REIGNMAKER card(s) per Premium Booster Pack.

Each card within the pack also comes with a 5x Franchise Score Multiplier. Also continuing the theme from the earlier pack drop this week, a fresh set of faces are part of this drop, including Puka Nacua, Alvin Kamara, Kareem Hunt, Dalvin Cook, Ezekiel Elliott, Jameson Williams, and others.

Deep Dive into "Air It Out Premium Booster" Pack EV Analysis

10,000 Premium Booster packs up for grabs, valued at $1,250,000, players can foresee an average value of around $125 per pack. It offers a $25 plus EV compared to the $100 drop price. Beware, however, some packs might not even retain 25% of the value. While potential losses brim, so do ample opportunities for positive turns, with REIGNMAKER SuperStar cards dotted among the packs. Possible finds include high-ranked cards like Jalen Hurts, Patrick Mahomes, and Cooper Kupp, each possibly commanding $10,000 or more in the marketplace. 

There is strong appeal for risk bearers and deep roster players if you can stomach the risks and the swings in returns. For those participating in deep roster or numerous showdown contests, you'll find great value here as packs can include both kickers and defenders. 

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