NFL Reignmakers Air It Out PREMIUM PACK Drop TODAY: A Comprehensive Analysis of Pack Options and Expected Value

NFL Reignmakers Air It Out PREMIUM PACK Drop TODAY: A Comprehensive Analysis of Pack Options and Expected Value
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Calling all DraftKings Reignmakers enthusiasts! Today DraftKings introduces a riveting experience with a PREMIUM Pack Drop! There are three total pack drops today – two from the NFL segment and a unique one from PGA, its new Showdown set.

However, the excitement peaks as we delve into today's exclusive Air It Out Premium Packs. The scarcity has already fueled the hype, with only 678 packs available from today's drop. Featured within these limited packs are some of the top-notch players and their REIGNMAKER tier cards, promising to amplify the excitement of pack ripping today. 

Deep Dive into "Air It Out Premium Booster" Pack EV Analysis

First, let's talk about the highlights from the pack, dropping for a price of $999.99. The pack has 3 cards in it, with certain guarantees. The guarantees are: 

  • ONE LEGENDARY or REIGNMAKER QB1, Skill Starter or Rookies - Offense Edition Tier Player
  • ONE ELITE QB1 or Skill Starter Edition Tier Player

Next is the average results per pack by rarity tier, it is as follows: 

  • CORE - None
  • RARE - None
  • ELITE - 1.826 per pack*
  • LEGENDARY - 1.055 per pack*
  • REIGNMAKER - 0.119 per pack*

Now, lastly, the EV of these packs. The total value of these packs, based on our estimated value, comes in right around $1,000,000. With only 678 packs available, this brings our EV close to $1400, or based on the drop price, a positive EV of $400.

However, it's worth noting that there is a very large potential for a "bust" pack. It's possible that one could get a pack totaling less than $200 of marketplace value based on the distribution of cards and pack guarantees. If one's appetite for risk is high, and one plays at the ELITE tiers and above, these packs may be a perfect fit for you. 

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