A Guide to the U.S. Open: DraftKings Reignmakers Edition

A Guide to the U.S. Open: DraftKings Reignmakers Edition
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Welcome to the third major golf championship of the year, the U.S. Open, hosted this time by the United States Golf Association (USGA) at the Los Angeles Country Club in the City of Angels. This week offers numerous opportunities for involvement in fantasy and betting, promising a potentially record-breaking event. DraftKings' new and thrilling fantasy game, DraftKings Reignmakers, brings a novel twist to the trading card concept, offering digital playing cards for entry into daily fantasy sports (DFS) style contests.

Whether you're a seasoned Reignmakers player seeking new engagement opportunities or a novice eager to join the game, this article offers information to cater to your needs. We start by covering the top five key facts about the DraftKings Reignmakers PGA TOUR, then conclude with strategies for enhancing and expanding your Reignmakers portfolio through a DraftKings promotional event called "Big Tournament Scramble."

Top 5 Things to Know About DraftKings Reignmakers

Whether you're new to DraftKings' Reignmakers or it's your 101st game, here are five crucial facts to keep in mind this week:

  1. Once you buy, purchase, or receive a card, it belongs to you indefinitely. It will appear in your portfolio under the Marketplace and Reignmakers tabs on DraftKings. If you're a first-time player, DraftKings provides a complimentary starter pack, which includes a "Star" card of your choice and seven other golfer cards.

  2. You can enter the cards you own into DraftKings Reignmakers PGA TOUR contests throughout the rest of this season. The contests are free to enter and use the same scoring system as the classic DraftKings PGA daily fantasy sports (DFS).

  3. The player cards come in five tiers of rarity, each with a differing number of editions. From least to most rare, the tiers are: CORE, RARE, ELITE, LEGENDARY, REIGNMAKER. 

  4. There are no restrictions on player selection for lineups. A lineup comprises five golfers, including one in the "Captain's Spot" who earns 1.5 times the fantasy points.

  5. Each tier has its own contests with specific requirements. A basic requirement is to play a card in the Captain's Spot that matches or exceeds the tier of the contest. For instance, if you're entering a LEGENDARY Tier contest, your Captain's Spot must feature either a LEGENDARY or REIGNMAKER card.

For additional beginner strategies and concepts, consider checking out our primer article linked here. Now, let's look at how to elevate your Reignmaker portfolio.

U.S. Open Reignmakers Contests & Promotions 

This week, more than $500,000 dollars in prizes will be paid out just to DraftKings Reignmakers PGA TOUR players with a variety of ways to earn yield from your portfolio.

DFS-Style Contests

First, let’s start with the one already mentioned, entering cards in your portfolio into DFS-style contests. This week's first place in those contests is as follows:

  • CORE: $3,500 to First
  • RARE: $5,000 to First 
  • ELITE: $10,000 to First
  • LEGENDARY: $10,000 to First
  • REIGNMAKER: $10,000 to First 

Franchise Score Payouts

The next and easiest way to earn yield is thru the Franchise Score payout. The reason I say “easiest” is it requires no additional work to receive the money. The Franchise Score is based on the total holdings of your portfolio, matched up against everyone else. The payout is as follows:

New! Challenges and Quests

Next up is a series of “challenges/quests” to complete, and if completed, come with a “prize.” Each has its own name, so let’s learn about them now.

  • *Pro Shop Pit Stop:  Buy a SINGLE card for at least $10, or more, by June 18 and receive a PGA TOUR Booster Pack (one max per user).
  • *Tourney Tee Off: Enter one RARE lineup by contest lock on June 15, and receive $20 DK Cash for entering. (one max per user)
  • *Group Play In LA: Collect a RARE card after 6/12 and before 6/18 of each Jason Day, Joel Dahmen, Harris English, and Austin Eckroat, and receive $75 DK Cash. (one max per user)
  • Craft & Burn At the Turn:  More details on this in the next section, but complete one craft and burn “recipe” and receive 5K DK Crowns (one max per user). 
  • Eye on the Prize: Purchase or “pull” receive one of these cards from a Reignmakers PGA TOUR Booster Pack) that HAS to be opened between 6/12-6/18, and get $50 cash for each CORE card and $250 for each RARE card. The three names are Francesco Molinari, Hank Lebidoa and Roger Sloan. 
  • LEGENDARY Collectors Challenge: The last promotion is one for those collectors at the LEGENDARY level, collectors that hold all 20 of the listed golfers (all of the worlds top 20 that have a REIGNMAKER card) will split $30,000 evenly. 

***Quick Summary: The three promotions that are starred– and the first three listed– above can all be used in a “string” and provide the best EV. First, by buying all four of the players listed (Day/Dahmen/English/Eckroat) (marketplace cost around $110) , you’ll receive $75 for completing the “Group Play in LA” and $10 back for buying a card priced more than $10s thorough the “Pro. Then purchase another card of any rarity tier, to make complete the lineup of 5 golfers, and enter that into a RARE contest. Once that’s done, it’s another $20 from, for a total of $105 dollars back, roughly the cost of the four RARE cards.

Craft & Burn

As teased above, the new Craft & Burn function for the Reignmakers game allows you to trade in cards, along with a crafting token, and receive a pack that holds one card. The crafting and burning is done thru a “recipe” or recipes, and a few of them announced last week are already live, while ones for the U.S. Open will be live on June 12. So, let’s go into what recipes will be offered this week and how to best take advantage of this new game function.

    • RM PGA TOUR LA,CA RARE Crafting Pack, June 13: Turn in any 3 CORE cards- or better, along with a RARE crafting token and receive  1 RAREcrafting pack that features one RARE card usable for the U.S. Open this week, and the rest of the season. 1,000 Aviliable. 
    • RM PGA TOUR LA,CA ELITE Crafting Pack, June 13: Turn in any 3 RARE cards- or better, along with an ELITE crafting token and receive 1 ELITE crafting pack that features one ELITE card usable for the U.S. Open this week, and the rest of the season. 200 Available.
    • RM PGA TOUR LA,CA LEGENDARY Crafting Pack, June 13: Turn in any 3 ELITE cards- or better, along with a LEGENDARY crafting token and receive 1 LEGENDARY crafting pack that features one LEGENDARY card usable for the U.S. Open, this week, and the rest of the season. 100 Available.
    • RM PGA TOUR LA, CA REIGNMAKER Crafting Pack, June 13: Turn in any 2 LEGENDARY cards- or better, and one ELITE card- or better- along with a REIGNMAKER crafting token and receive 1 REIGNMAKER crafting pack that features one REIGNMAKER card usable for the U.S. Open, this week, and the rest of the season. 10 Available.

PGA TOUR Reignmakers Strategy & Analysis

Depending on the depth of the portfolio, this may not pertain to everyone, but for those that have bought packs along the way, and ended up with some not-so-great cards,it is a good chance to upgrade the portfolio. So, I’ve compiled a list of all the names that, if they are in the portfolio, would be worth looking into one of the recipes, and trading them in.

Look for more targets and picks for this week’s U.S. Open and a slate breakdown on Wednesday. Good luck this week! 


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