Azuki Spills the BEANZ, Shares Details on NFT Sidekick

Azuki Spills the BEANZ, Shares Details on NFT Sidekick
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Late on Monday afternoon, the Azuki team shared details about the sidekick NFT, Beanz, which were previously airdropped to Azuki holders during the Garden Party at NFT LA. 

Only briefly displayed, BEANZ, are now officially confirmed to be the sidekick companion of the original Azuki collection, though per the official announcement, BEANZ can create their own path forward. 

The announcement goes on to note that BEANZ can be paired with original Azuki NFTs, without changing the original. All BEANZ are slated to reveal with a random type and trait, they are not impacted by the Azuki in your wallet. 

More About BEANZ

BEANZ come in two types, red and blue. 

Red BEANZ are named Toshi, and rebellious bean that doesn't follow any rules. Toshi is picture holding an Azuki branded Ledger hardware wallet, and apparently likes to bite. 

According to the tweet announcement, blue BEANZ will be up to the community to name. 

BEANZ are said to communicate to each other via noises, but otherwise have few discernible differences aside from their color. However, the Azuki team left room for a notable potential difference, redacting an item from the tweet thread announcement. Could this be Spirit BEANZ? A golden BEANZ? 

The Azuki team additionally hinted at eventual collaborations, collectible toys, and more for the anthropomorphized beans. 



How Are Beanz Different?

The Azuki team did confirm that holding the original Azuki NFT would always provide the highest level experience (similar to BAYC when compared to MAYC), though BEANZ holders can expect access to a holders only Discord channel, merchandise, collectible drops, and more.

The announcement created a lot of trading in the BEANZ Official collection, though the floor price decreased more than 1 ETH within 20 minutes of the announcement. 

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