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Bored Ape Yacht Club, Coinbase to Produce Movie Series

Lucky Trader StaffLucky Trader Staff
Bored Ape Yacht Club, Coinbase to Produce Movie Series

Yuga Labs confirmed an upcoming Bored Ape Yacht Club three-part movie series in partnership Coinbase today. Entitled "The Degen Trilogy" the first movie will premiere at NFT.NYC in June. Ape holders are invited to the movie website to connect their Coinbase wallets and submit their Ape for consideration to be featured in the upcoming movies.

Mutants and other Yuga IP will be getting the same movie treatment, which was confirmed via @BoredApeYC's Twitter this afternoon and in the site's FAQ, which says Mutants "will have their chance in July" — a part of the casting call for the second movie in the series. 

With investors Universal Music Group (UMG), Yuga Labs is expanding the brand, releasing a themed restaurant as well earlier this week. 

After the release of the first BAYC movie, Coinbase Wallet users will be able to access the gated video and stream online via 

How to Get Your Ape in the Trilogy

Coinbase is opening up casting for the first movie in the series, allowing BAYC holders to submit their Ape and a written bio for a chance to "Star" in the film. The casting is open from now until April 13 at 2 p.m. ET. Holders must be 18 years old, have a Coinbase Wallet and account and must own one or more Apes. If the holder's Ape is chosen, they will need to sign a licensing agreement and and agree to a licensing fee of $10,000.

Elements for Non-Ape Holders

Once casting is complete, anyone visiting the site (with a Coinbase Wallet), can choose Easter eggs to include in the movie. Later, users can vote on "creative elements" of the films. 

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