Cool Cats Town Hall | Cool Cats Offer a Potential Solution to the $MILK Dilemma

Cool Cats Town Hall | Cool Cats Offer a Potential Solution to the $MILK Dilemma
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The Cool Cats NFT hosts an informative Town Hall meeting every Friday at 3 p.m. EST. Below is a summary of the event that took place on March 18, 2022.

Key Takeaways: South by Southwest recap, $MILK solution, and Cool Pets beta testing

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Cool Cats South by Southwest Recap


  • The draw along with clon was one of the most fulfilling moments of the entire South by Southwest event.
  • Clon drew a blue cat on someone's red Ducati motorcycle (now a DuCATi).
  • The pizza party was the other "best" moment at SXSW.
    • It really captured the essence of the Cool Cats vibes.

The $MILK Dilemma

  • The team realizes there is no way to make 100 percent of holders happy.
  • One potential solution to the $MILK issue is to zero the $MILK, but for the number of days that the team has had unexpected closer, the $MILK drops are doubled.
    • After the amount of time of the closure elapses, $MILK returns to the standard drops.
    • The benefit here is to not destroy the Cooltopia economy.
    • It does not require any additional downtime to code in new contracts or create new UI.
    • The team has created alternative contracts to go in different directions (example: airdrops for Cool Pets holders).

Cool Pets Public Beta Testing


  • Beta testing for the Cool Pets and Cooltopia game started last Friday.
  • The team has done two tests, both of which went "pretty well."
  • There are now over 200 beta testers, so it is difficult to get a large number of people into the beta testing website at the same time.
  • The team is looking to potentially whitelist everybody who applied to beta testing on Monday or open up for everybody. 
  • Xtremetom would like to get 500 concurrent users.

Q&A Session

In this section, Q indicates a question and A indicates an answer (speaker in parenthesis).

This is a summary, not verbatim.

  • Q: How is Polygon going? (Nadz)
    • A: They've really started to stabilize. We've seen a few hiccups on test net, but we haven't had nearly as much downtime directly as a result of Polygon. (Xtremetom)
  • Q: Do you think by the end of March that'll be solved? (Nadz)
    • A: We have our fingers crossed. We want to stay with Polygon. That would be the ideal situation. But if things become a huge problem, we might move to another blockchain. (Xtremetom)
  • Q: Do you ever do events in the UK? (Nadz)
    • A: We haven't done anything in the UK so far, but Lynqoid and myself, we'd rather sit down a play a board game than go out for drinks. (Xtremetom)
  • Q: How'd you (Xtremetom) and Lynqoid meet? (Nadz)
    • A: We actually met streaming Minecraft on Mixer. (Xtremetom)
  • Q: Will $MILK be listed on exchanges? (brymic)
    • A: No comment. (Xtremetom)
  • Q: Are you working on a television show or plushies? (Crockett)
    • A: No comment on the first question. And also no comment on the second question. Plushies are kind of a no-brainer, though, aren't they? (Xtremetom and ELU)
  • Q: Has the team thought about merchandising the Cool Cats IP? Are there potential partnership opportunities? (angrypenguin)
    • A: All we can say about that is you're definitely thinking about it the right way. (ELU)
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