CrypToadz: Four Reasons You Won't Forget Them

CrypToadz: Four Reasons You Won't Forget Them
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Recently, thousands of heroic NFT collectors came to the rescue of 6,969 CrypToadz after the evil King Gremplin toppled their leader, Colonel Floorbin, and took control of their swamp. UniSwamp became Grempland, and the CrypToadz fell victim to “The Croakening.” But thanks to the minting process - which brought in approximately 480 ETH - all the CrypToadz are now free.

Sounds ridiculous, right? Maybe. But this NFT collection has now done over 43,000 ETH in volume traded, placing it inside the top 15 projects in all-time OpenSea volume. 

The NFT space is difficult to predict. Some projects pump, others dump, and the cycle continues. Oftentimes there is no rhyme or reason.

But what makes a collection like CrypToadz take all of #cryptotwitter by storm in only a few months?

While it’s impossible to know the exact reasons for CrypToadz massive success, we can identify a few things that have helped propel the collection's growth and popularity. Below, I dive into a handful of the most compelling benefits of the CrypToadz collection and explore four reasons you won't forget them. 



1. Paying Homage to the Crypto Culture

Perhaps the most important thing about the CrypToadz collection is the embracing of crypto culture.

For those that don’t believe the world of crypto has its own culture, ask anyone who isn’t a part of it to explain this perfectly sensible statement: “gm anon, BTC is mooning! Here come the whales. HODL. Anything below 100k is FUD. I’m grabbing a few more sats at this price. Pump it loomdart!”

From BTC Maxis to shitcoin shillers, we understand each other. We may never agree, but we are able to decipher a slew of random syllables, carefully evolved from CryptoTwitter. 

And more than simply deciphering it, CrypToadz pays homage to some of our culture’s most beloved icons, myths, and artifacts. It’s a historical tour de force for the entire space.

Did you notice the McDonald’s hats, the cigarettes, the zombies, the apes, the blue cats, the aliens, the socks, the hoodies, the ghosts, the square glasses, the 3D glasses, or the cool shades? These Easter eggs, and plenty of others, all reference the history of cryptocurrency and NFTs. 

From CryptoPunks, Bored Ape Yacht Club, and Cool Cats to Ghxsts, Nouns, and even the Solana blockchain, CrypToadz is like walking into a museum of culture dated 2017-2021.

It should be known, four years in crypto is equivalent to 400 real years. 


2. Who Needs a Roadmap?

Fine, it’s interesting and delicately handles crypto culture. But who cares? What about the roadmap? There must be passive income coming soon, right?

No, and that’s another key component of CrypToadz’s success. It isn’t scammy. It is what it is. It doesn’t promise fancy giveaways or play-to-earn in the future. They’re just toads on the blockchain.

Is that to say CrypToadz is just a collectible? Possibly. But probably not. 


3. Freedom for Collectors to Create Value

CrypToadz are part of the public domain, meaning anyone can use them for whatever purpose they want.

The site reads, “To the extent possible under law, Gremplin has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to CrypToadz by Gremplin."

Collectors are still willing to pay for proof of ownership on the blockchain, and giving CrypToadz over to the public domain, collectors can now create value for themselves. 

Collectors are free to make and sell merchandise, create games, craft comic books, and anything else you can think of. The value of the project is not entirely dependent upon the creators now. If you don’t like the floor price, do something about it. Get creative; become one of the creators. 

We already have examples of this freedom for collectors to create value with an explosion of derivative projects related to CrypToadz. 

CryptoFlyz, created by kleebie and Mason London, was a free-to-mint project for all CrypToadz holders. It's now a supported NFT collection on Lucky Trader. 

Don't forget about Choadz, Sockz, and the recent launch of CreatureToadz. 

While there is no utility, planned or otherwise, for CryptoFlyz and most other derivative projects, the effort alone goes to show that value creation for CrypToadz is not solely the responsibility of the developers, but also of the community.


4. Originality and Authenticity


The NFT community rewards ingenuity. There are successful projects that lack creativity and others that emphatically copy and paste the same profitable formulas over and over again. But the most popular NFT collections are both original and authentic - CryptoPunks, Art Blocks, Bored Ape Yacht Club, Sorare, and Cool Cats, just to name a few.

CrypToadz is authentic and original. It’s a trip down memory lane. It’s quirky and fun. And most importantly, it’s made by creators who understand the community. 

Will the floor price rise and fall? Definitely. But as long as an active community is building on top of CrypToadz, the project has a chance to succeed, while remaining true to exactly what it is: just some toads !vibing on the blockchain.



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