Daily NFT Volume Report | ENS Resurgence

Daily NFT Volume Report | ENS Resurgence
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NFT trading volumes have been trending down during the start of this week and today looks to be more of the same, with Otherdeeds NFT being the only project to trade more than 1,000 ETH. 

However, as usual with NFTs, there are always a few winners in terms of volume on any given day. For more information on the real-time NFT market, refer to our project rankings page.

*All data is taken from the Lucky Trader Project Rankings page and is based on the last 24 hours of volume unless stated otherwise.


ENS (Ethereum Name Service), a project that allows users to register domain names as proxies for their Ethereum public key, has seen a huge spike in volume today. The project has currently done the third most volume of any NFT collection today. The biggest winner from the collection looks to be four-digit ENS names as the set makes up more than 50 percent of the ENS volume today and currently sits at a 1.63 ETH floor, up from its recent lows around the 0.60 ETH range from just under a month ago.  

While ENS data has been tricky for market participants to gather, a new site known as ENS.vison tracks the data from every set within the ENS collection. 

Here are how many of the top domain collections have performed in the last 24 hours according to the site.

*The site does not currently support tracking of floor increase and volume increase.

Set Description Volume (ETH) Floor Price (ETH)
10k Club Number 1,000-10,000. 365.48 1.63
999 Club Numbers under 1,000. 308.04 19.99
Arabic 999 Club Arabic numbers under 1,000. 75.19 1.35
100k Club Numbers 10,001-100,000. 13.33 0.01
999 Chinese Club Chinese numbers under 1,000. 39.93 0.235


Free Mints

MoonPepes technically minted for 0.005 ETH but I am comfortable enough to group the new NFT project into this category. The project has done more sales volume than Doodles over the past 24 hours and topped off at around a 0.20 ETH floor. Currently, Moonpepes holds a floor of 0.08 ETH floor. 

Moonrunners, a project that did mint for free plus gas, has seen its dominant run come to a stall for the time being. The project has still traded 813 ETH today, only trailing Otherdeeds NFTs, but still marking a 43 percent decrease from the previous day.

The last of the recent free mint collections that picked up steam this week is Moonturtlez. The floor is down 44 percent over the last 24 hours, but the project has held steady volume, trading 264 ETH in the last 24 hours. 


Gossamer Seed

Last night Gossamer Seed announced that it is partnering with the creators of Fortnite - Epic Games - to help build out its play-to-earn game and ecosystem. The market reacted quickly and kindly to this news as the project shot up to above a 0.50 ETH floor after the announcement, retracing slightly lower after. 

The project released some of its future plans for the collection last night and updated its metadata to feature a moth instead of what was once an image of a firefly. Gossamer Seed has done the fourth most volume of any NFT project in the last 24 hours and saw its floor price increase by just over ten percent to 0.42 ETH.

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