What's New With DeadFellaz NFT? Town Hall Recap

What's New With DeadFellaz NFT? Town Hall Recap
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On Sunday, Jan. 23, 2022, the heads of the Deadfellaz NFT project, @betty_nft and @psych_nft, hosted an AMA in the official project Discord. On Monday, Jan. 24, 2022, they followed it up with a Twitter Spaces. Below is a summary of the events.

tl;dr: Up to 13,000 Deadfrenz maximum, Pixelfellaz coming, Merchandise, toys, plushies, and DAO of the Dead soon, IRL meetups and partnerships in the works

Introducing DeadFrenz Companion Collection


  • The newest addition to the DeadFellaz collection, DeadFrenz, was previously announced to drop on Feb. 3.
  • There will be a maximum of 13,000 NFTs, dropped in a mint-pass style.
    • Thirteen different animal species, 999 NFTs of each species, and 13 1/1 alpha DeadFrenz will be available.
  • The original 10,000 holders will be eligible to claim via Lab Access Passes for free plus gas.
    • A wallet snapshot will be taken on Jan. 31
  • DeadFellaz Infected S1 holders and Betty Pop Horror holders will be able to purchase one Lab Access Pass for each token for 0.1 ETH plus gas.
  • Remaining passes will be distributed to non-holders via a reserved mint list, mostly through partnerships and collaborations with other projects.
  • Passes will expire after 120 days.
    • Prior to that, unclaimed/unminted passes will be withdrawn by the team to be redistributed via games and giveaways.
  • The goal of the project is to be pfp (profile picture) friendly, not a 1:1 of the original DeadFellaz.
  • Thirteen Alpha Lab Access Passes will be randomly airdropped on Feb. 10 to holders of the Lab Access Pass.
    • These passes will look different and be redeemable for a free plus gas mint of the 1/1 Alpha Frenz.
  • DeadFrenz will have unique utility (1/1 Alphas separate, extra utility).
    • The team did not elaborate on what that will look like other than to say it will be connected to final supply count.
    • This is why Lab Access Passes will expire after 120 days.
  • DeadFrenz will get the same access behind the gate in the Discord as the other NFT projects in the collection, as will all future mints.


Toys, Plushies, and Other Merchandise

  • Toys are coming soon.
  • Plushies are expected to follow.
  • The team is working with Youtooz, a high-quality collectible creator. 
  • Merchandise will include physical items and Decentraland items (unannounced, upcoming partnership).
  • Merchandise will be released on a rolling basis.
  • The team specifically wants merchandise to be different from the standard projects.
    • They are working to design sunglasses, jackets, Halloween costumes, and more that reflect the clothing found on the original Deadfellaz NFTs.


PixelFellaz NFT

  • PixelFellaz are currently in development.
  • This will not be a new mint, rather just an added utility to DeadFellaz holders.
  • This will only be available to the original project holders, not the Infected S1 or Betty Pop Horror holders (for now, potentially subject to change).


Future Marketing

  • Betty is currently in touch with Odell Beckham Jr.’s team.
    • We could see him represent the project in some way, if the Los Angeles Rams make the Super Bowl.
  • The team has funds set aside for billboards.
    • They are in touch with someone to put them together, but need to decide what cities makes the most sense to place them in.
  • The team is planning several future partnerships that are currently in the works (details unable to be shared).


And More

  • There have been a couple of new hires to the team on the development side.
  • A new website should be launching any day now, which will include regular development blog posts.
  • DeadFellaz lore is coming soon.
  • A lot of utility will come with Decentraland, Sandbox, and WorldWide Webb.
    • Utility will include both exclusive and open quests, games, and more.
  • Several meetups are planned.
    • The team has been stuck in Australia due to Covid but will make it to the UK and do events all over Europe.
    • Stay tuned for more information about Halloween 2022.
    • The team is working with an agency to party plan.
  • DAO of the Dead is coming this year at some point, but no details yet.
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