DraftKings Reignmakers NFL Contest Recap: Week 1

DraftKings Reignmakers NFL Contest Recap: Week 1
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Week 1 concluded, and it's time to shift our focus to how to optimize our Reginnamkers NFL portfolio for the upcoming weeks. At the start of the season, DraftKings loads the prize pack contests with high-quality players, giving users the opportunity to build their portfolios without significant additional investment. 

In this analysis, we will examine all the contests from Week 1, assess the cashing positions in each of them, and lay the groundwork for Week 2, including recommendations on allocating your portfolio's lineups.

Be sure to review all the available players for the upcoming slate here.

Week 1 Contest Recap

I'll first assess each contest individually rather than tier by tier. I'll start by examining the primary 2023 contest at each level, followed by the bankroll boosters, single-entry contests, and the prize pack party contest at each tier. Let's begin by looking at the main 2023 contest at each level.

Main GTD Contest: (Sunday Classic Slate Only)

Winning Score/ Cashing Score

  •       Core: 142.44/59.92
  •       Rare: 147.65/63.44
  •       Elite: 138.84/ 55.56
  •       Legendary: 127.84/50.94.
  •       Reignmaker: 121.74/68.92

 Bankroll Booster

Cashing Score

  •       Core: 67.88
  •       Rare: 65.80
  •       Elite: 42.54
  •       Legendary: 54.42
  •       Reignmker: No Contest

Single Entry

Winning Score/ Cashing Score

  •       Core: 140.84/67.82
  •       Rare: 135.54/ 76.34
  •       Elite: 119.74/68.14
  •       Legendary: 116.24/57
  •       Reigmaker: 83.62/59.04

Prize Pack Party Contest

Cashing Score

  •       Core: 45.22
  •       Rare: 37.84
  •       Elite: 44.12
  •       Legendary: 46.98

Interestingly enough, it was actually easier to cash or end up in a cashing position through the primary guaranteed contests versus the bankroll boosters. A minimum cashing position in the bankroll booster pays slightly more than a minimum cash position in the guaranteed contest, but given that it's a bit easier to cash in the regular contest, you may want to put those not-so-optimal lineups in the regular contest rather than in the bankroll booster.

However, if you are looking to build your portfolio up, it's clear that putting those not-so-optimal lineups in the prize pack party contests is the most optimal way to generate some type of yield on the cards in play. We'll continue to monitor this over the next few weeks, and indeed, as the prize pack party contests drop off, we'll need to reallocate those lineups elsewhere. 

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