DraftKings Reignmakers NFL Contest Recap: Week 3

DraftKings Reignmakers NFL Contest Recap: Week 3
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A huge week of DraftKings Reignmakers NFL is ahead of us here in Week 4, with two $100K first-place prizes. While most of our content this week will be aimed at helping you win one of the big contests, first let's review what worked in Week 3. Get a grasp on the player pool for Week 4 here.

Week 3 Contest Recap

Let's begin by looking at the main contest at each level.

Main GTD Contest: (Sunday Classic Slate Only)

Winning Score/ Cashing Score 

  • CORE: 176.34 / 82.32
  • RARE: 174.14 / 93.56 
  • ELITE: 163.66 / 90.92 
  • LEGENDARY 169.04 / 82.32
  • REIGNMAKER: 153.96 / 83.56


Week 3 was by far the highest-scoring week this season. Top scores reached into the 170s for the CORE and RARE tier, as very popular stacked games showed out, and thus, gave us higher scores across the board. 

Bankroll Booster

Cashing Score

  • CORE: 74.06 
  • RARE: 63.44
  • ELITE: 52.7 
  • LEGENDARY: 74.96
  • REIGNMAKER: No Contest


Interestingly enough, despite the higher scoring week, the cash line in these contests came down quite a bit. Obviously paying more gamers helps lower the amount needed to cash. This is a trend we'll keep an eye as the weeks progress. 

Single Entry

Winning Score/ Cashing Score

  • CORE: 174.74 / 95.94
  • RARE: 176.34 / 112.36
  • ELITE: 135.48 / 86.25 
  • LEGENDARY: 135.064 / 76
  • REIGNMAKER: 83.62 / 76.54


Still some of the hardest contests to cash, the Single Entry contests also featured some of the best lineups this week. Each entry put in seems to be rather close to optimal, making it very hard to both win and get to the cash line. 

Prize Pack Party Contest

Cashing Score

  • CORE: 59.24
  • RARE: 53.06
  • ELITE: 61.60


Adding a few packs to each tier for the Prize Pack contests helped these remain some of the easiest to cash in. In fact, at the RARE and ELITE tier the cash line decreased a few points, while at the LEGENDARY tier, it increased a bit, which can certainly be attributed to the increase in supply from the Premium Drop. 

Contest Entry Growth

Lastly, let's keep an eye on contest entry growth.

Main GTD Contest: (Sunday Classic Slate Only)


  • Week 1: 18,791
  • Week 2: 27,150
  • Week 3: 25,949
  • Growth: -10%


  • Week 1: 4,911
  • Week 2: 6,536
  • Week 3: 7,765
  • Growth: 20%


  • Week 1: 1105
  • Week 2: 1248
  • Week 3:1475
  • Growth: 15%


  • Week 1: 339
  • Week 2: 375
  • Week 3: 491
  • Growth: 30%


  • Week 1: 116
  • Week 2: 117
  • Week 3: 119
  • Growth: 1%

It's nice to see the CORE contest flatten out in terms of amount of entries, and I expect that number to decrease significantly this week as one of those $100K to first contests is at the CORE tier. I think it's conceivable that many RARE cards will be played in that contest as well, and not played at the RARE or ELITE tier so we should expect better equity throughout all three of the bottom tiers this week.

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