DraftKings Reignmakers NFL Contest Recap: Week 4

DraftKings Reignmakers NFL Contest Recap: Week 4
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With two $100K to first place contests last week, the information provided here will be pivotal to try and capture that big prize next time around. Also, with four weeks of data, we have a solid average foundation of what it'll take to cash in certain contests. You can get a headstart on the player pool for Week 5 here.

Week 4 Contest Recap

Let's begin by looking at the main contest at each level.

Main GTD Contest: (Sunday Classic Slate Only)

*$100K to first, $250K GTD Contest results used for CORE:

Winning Score / Cashing Score 

  • CORE: 177.30 / 69.12 (average winning score -13 points from last week's cashing line 
  • RARE: 177.30 (same lineup) / 89.80 - 4 points from last week cashing line
  • ELITE: 178.80 / 90.20 +1 point from last week's cashing line (not as many places cashed due to the top-heavy nature of the week's contest)
  • LEGENDARY 169.04 / 82.32
  • REIGNMAKER: 153.96 / 88.56 +5 from last week's cashing line


As supply reaches its threshold for this time period, we see cash lineups getting harder to attain. But, with prizes flatter this week, plus the start of bye weeks, we should see that cash line come down about 10% this week from the scores listed above. 

Bankroll Booster

Cashing Score

  • CORE: 78.70 + 4 points from week 3
  • RARE: 63.60 +- 0 from week 3
  • ELITE: 57.14 +5 points from week 3
  • LEGENDARY:67.97 -7 points from week 3
  • REIGNMAKER: No Contest


We see a floor settling in for the bankroll booster contests as well in terms of the cash line, especially at the higher tiers. 

Single Entry

Winning Score/ Cashing Score

  • CORE: 176.30 /90.80
  • RARE: 155.78 / 82.52
  • ELITE: 175 / 85.25 
  • LEGENDARY: 132.064 / 76
  • REIGNMAKER: 126.48 / 64.92


As will be the case most weeks with single-entry contests, the variance in winning lineup from tier to tier varies drastically from week to week, but on the whole, the cash lines for these contests didn't move much. 

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