DraftKings Reignmakers | Deadfellaz Contest Breakdown Week 8

Chris Koch
DraftKings Reignmakers | Deadfellaz Contest Breakdown Week 8
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This week’s DraftKings Reignmakers fantasy football contest offering includes special Deadfellaz NFT-themed contests fitting for Halloween weekend. DraftKings released the 2022 Deadfellaz x Reignmakers Special Edition Packs earlier this week. These special edition player cards NFTs grant the holders exclusive entry into contests with some pretty enticing prize pools. 

Below I'll discuss the most important details about the Deadfellaz x Reignmakers Special Edition cards and contests.

Week 8 Deadfellaz Contests and Entry Requirements

The Week 8 slate includes two Deadfellaz gated Core contests, meaning Deadfellaz Core or Rare player card NFTs are required for a lineup to be entered in the contest. In addition to the Core contests, there is one Deadfellaz gated Rare contest as well. 

The first contest is a Sunday Main Slate Core $100K Deadfellaz Gated Contest ($20K to first and Deadfellaz NFTs to the top ten). The contest requires that two of your five player card NFTs be the Deadfellaz-themed player card NFTs that dropped earlier this week. Packs are available for $99.99, or the NFTs can be purchased on the secondary marketplace as well. 

The other Core contest is the Bengals-Browns Monday Night Football Showdown slate with a Core $50K Deadfellaz Gated Contest ($10K to first and Deadfellaz NFTs to the top five). Since it is a showdown contest, only four-player card NFTs are required with only one required to be a Deadfellaz-themed card from the Bengals or Browns.

The Rare contest for the Monday Showdown slate is capped at 1,000 entries and requires two Deadfellaz-themed cards instead of one like the Core showdown contest.

These are expected to be the only Deadfellaz gated contests for the season but the Deadfellaz-themed cards can still be used the rest of the season like every other Reignmakers set.

Deadfellaz Card Premium

There are only 13 total Deadfellaz player card NFTs, with four of them (Mixon, Higgins, Chubb, & Cooper) only being available for the Monday showdown contest. At the time of writing, the premium cost on the secondary marketplace for a core Deadfellaz card over the lowest-cost Core is anywhere from $2 (Nick Chubb) to $16 (Tyreek Hill).

On average, your Deadfellaz Core lineup will roughly carry a $13 premium when compared to normal Core lineups at the time of writing. But that’s okay as I expect the EV of the Deadfellaz gated contest to exceed the EV of any other Core contest by more than $13. You can check the expected value of other contests utilizing the Lucky Trader Contest EV tool.

Essentially, I'm expecting most of the Deadfellaz-themed cards will be worth their secondary marketplace premium over non-Deadfellaz card sets.

*Note before the injury announcement, DraftKings announced they would also be airdropping Ja’Marr Chase Deadfellaz cards to all customers who bought a certain amount of Deadfellaz packs. It is not yet known if there will be another player airdropped instead of Ja’Marr Chase.

Why I'm Entering The Deadfellaz Core Contests

While I initially was dismissive of the Deadfellaz collection, upon seeing a $100,000 prize pool with $20,000 to first place for a Core contest, I immediately changed my mind.

This will likely be the highest EV Core contest hosted by DraftKings yet, even when factoring in the premium cost of Deadfellaz cards, I am expecting the value to far exceed every other contest on the slate. 

While entry counts are not locked at the time of writing, I am expecting this to be some of the best odds to win a significant sum of money at a relatively low cost of entry. To put it in perspective, you had a 0.01% chance to win $1,000+ in last week’s Main Slate Core Fiat Frenzy.

While again, I can’t say for certain on the final entry count, I think we could potentially see odds to win $1,000+ at anywhere from 10-20 times that number. The same goes for the Core Monday Showdown Deadfellaz contest. The Rare Showdown contest is less appealing with a $10K prize pool, $2,000 to first, and a much higher cost of entry.

Still, there is a top prize of $20,000 for the Core main slate and $10,000 for Showdown! The highest a core contest’s top prize has ever been was $5,000 in the weekly Fiat Frenzy. Not only is the Deadfellaz contest paying out four times that amount to first, but it will also have a FAR lower entry count than any large field core Fiat Frenzy contest to date.

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