DraftKings Reignmakers NFL: Rush Set Pack Drops TODAY!

DraftKings Reignmakers NFL: Rush Set Pack Drops TODAY!
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The NFL season is just days away from its official kickoff, and the excitement around the DraftKings Reignmakers NFL is reaching its peak! Today at 6:00 p.m. ET, a new wave of player cards will hit the market with the Rush Set pack drop. Unlike the initial release, this set introduces a few key details aimed at reducing confusion compared to the first year.

The most crucial aspect of these packs is that regardless of your chosen option (which we'll discuss shortly), you're guaranteed to receive a fully playable lineup. Yes, you heard that right – each pack you purchase grants you the ability to assemble an entire lineup, and the cards remain usable throughout the season! So, without further delay, let's dive in.

Play Action Pack Options & Features

DraftKings' primary focus for Season 2 of Reignmakers NFL is to enhance clarity regarding the use of player cards. This "approach" for pack drops draws inspiration from how they handled the "Approach" set drop for Reignmakers PGA TOUR this season. In this new method, each pack will contain specific players projected to play in the corresponding slate for which the pack is intended.

For instance, the pack being released today is named the Rush Standard Classic Pack (Week 1). We'll delve deeper into the standard distinction shortly. To sum up this point, all cards included in today's packs are expected to feature players participating in the 1:00 or 4:00/4:25 PM games on Sunday, Sept. 10, commonly referred to as the "Classic Slate" or "Main Slate."

Now, onto the *Standard* delineation....The Rush set will have two types of packs, Standard and Premium. Premium packs won't be available until Week 3. 

Lastly, the packs will come in four different options each week:

  • Classic (Dropping Today) 
  • Thursday Primetime (Dropping on 9/6)
  • Sunday Primetime (Dropping on 9/6)
  • Monday Primetime (Dropping on 9/6)

2023 Rush Standard Classic Pack (Week 1) 

  • Price/Edition Count: $49.99 (regular price is $99.99 but is 50% off the first two weeks) 
  • Composition: 5 Cards
  • Guarantees:
    • One QB (CORE through ELITE)
    • One CORE WR
    • One CORE RB
    • One CORE WR/TE
    • One RARE through ELITE (including Royal) WR/RB/TE
  • Highlights:
      1. 2K Franchise Score Points for each Digital Player Card!
      2. Ability to Generate Crowns when players reach certain yardage milestones 
  • Rarity:
      1. CORE - 3.730 per pack*
      2. RARE - 1.148 per pack*
      3. RARE ROYAL - 0.026 per pack*
      4. ELITE - 0.096 per pack*
      5. LEGENDARY - None
      6. REIGNMAKER - None

Rush Standard Classic Pack (Week 1) Pack Contents & EV Analysis 

Now that we've established the contents of each pack, let's delve into a few crucial aspects regarding the player cards featured in them and explore their potential expected value (EV).

To begin, let's examine some key facts. The Rush Standard Classic Packs for Week 1 contain 175 players. According to projections by Lucky Trader, merely 34 of these players are expected to score less than 5 points this week. With an average of more than 10 points per player, this set offers substantial versatility for most players. These indicators bode well for potential EV, as each pack's current value is estimated to be around $130, translating to a positive EV of $80! Categorized by position, here is the projected value of each card that could be received in the pack:

  • QB: $33 
  • RB: $35
  • WR: $60
  • TE: $5

Total $130

The calculation for this was straightforward: I multiplied the number of cards for each player at each tier by their projected price for the corresponding tier, and then divided the result by the number of packs available. While it's evident that not every pack will attain that anticipated value, it's worth noting that the QB position alone currently holds a floor value of approximately $9. Additionally, the floor for the RARE card received hovers around $5 at present. These two cards, when combined, establish a floor value of about $15, which constitutes roughly 40% of the total pack price. Given the amount of star power in this pack, such as Jalen Hurts, Trevor Lawrence, Ja'Marr Chase, and more, the allure and excitement of these packs are likely to lead to a quick sellout! So be ready at 6:00 p.m. ET today! Check out all the aviiable players here

In conclusion, Reignmakers fans have good reason to be excited about this initial pack drop, especially with the 50% off price offer. Best of luck with your pack purchases today and throughout the rest of the season!

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