DraftKings Reignmakers NFL: Rush Set Classic Packs Week 2

DraftKings Reignmakers NFL: Rush Set Classic Packs Week 2
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IT'S PACK DAY! Each Wednesday and Friday for the next few weeks, DraftKings gives us all something to look forward to with new packs dropping! Wednesday will be for the Primetime Packs, while, today, Fridays will be for the Classic Slate contests. With pack prices set at $39.99 for the primetime packs and $49.99 this week for the classic slate, they offer an attractive entry price, especially given the expectation to be able to field an entire lineup for that slate! 

So, let's dive into what we can expect to find in these Week 2 Classic Slate Packs. 

Rush Pack Options & Features

2023 Rush Standard Classic Packs (Week 2) 

  • Price/Edition Count: Typically priced at $99.99/ ON SALE FOR $49.99
  • Composition: 5 Cards
  • Guarantees:
    • One QB (CORE through ELITE)
    • One CORE WR
    • One CORE RB
    • One CORE WR/TE
    • One RARE through ELITE (including Royal) WR/RB/Te
  • Highlights:
      1. The season starts with special pricing - week 1 and week 2 only! Get a 50% discount on all Standard Classic packs during this window. This is the last opportunity to partake in the sale...while supplies last. Discount will apply to both Preferred access AND Public access.
      2. Get a complete lineup for the Week 2 Sunday Football main slate**
      3. Eligible for Reignmakers Football no-fee contests all season!
      4. 5x cards in each pack. 1x guaranteed RARE or ELITE card in each pack
  • Rarity:
      1. CORE - 3.709 per pack*
      2. RARE - 1.156 per pack*
      3. RARE ROYAL - 0.028 per pack*
      4. ELITE - 0.107 per pack*
      5. LEGENDARY - None
      6. REIGNMAKER - None

Rush Classic Pack 

Now that we've established the contents of each pack, let's delve into a few crucial aspects regarding the player cards featured in them and explore their potential expected value (EV).

To begin, let's examine some key facts of this drop. Obviously, with two powerhouse teams, and a variety of good players, the expected value is likely very attractive. Let's go into the specifics of what players are included in this drop. 

Total: 28 Players 

  • QB: 23
  • RB: 49
  • WR: 70
  • TE: 24
  • DEF: 0
  • K: 0

Projected Value Per Pack: $122.50

Projected EV: +$82.50 (using promo price of $49.99) 

Now, calculating the EV of these packs is rather straightforward. Multiply the number of cards for each player at each tier by their price/marketplace value, or in our instance projected value ($1,225,000 total) for all tiers, and then divide the result by the number of packs available (10000). While it's evident that not every pack will attain that anticipated value, it's worth noting that there are a few chances to get a card worth around $1000, or more. With so much star power in these packs like Josh Allen, Patrick Mahomes, Lamar Jackson, and more, the allure and excitement of these packs are likely to lead to a quick sellout! So be ready at 6:00 p.m. ET today! Be sure to check out all the available players here.

In conclusion, Reignmakers fans have good reason to be excited about this pack drop, and the ability to add some big names to the portfolio. 

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