DraftKings Reignmakers NFL: The Basics

DraftKings Reignmakers NFL: The Basics
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There's a fantastic new way to enjoy the NFL this season and become invested in your favorite football players with DraftKings Reignmakers NFL. But, there is a bit of a learning curve. Don't worry, in this article, we are going to go over how to play DraftKings Reignmakers NFL, outline the most basic strategies, and teach you how to get started with this inventive take on traditional fantasy sports. 

What Is DraftKings Reignmakers NFL? 

The first thing we need to do is explain what the game is exactly. In its simplest form, DraftKings Reignmakers NFL allows you to build a portfolio of your favorite NFL players in the form of digital trading cards. If you're familiar with the NFT space, then you'll understand these digital cards are created and used as NFTs on the Polygon blockchain. For those not into NFTs, just understand that these cards are the digital representations of actual cards. Don't get caught up on the NFT distinction or let it hold you back.

Now, once you collect these cards, they can be entered into daily fantasy style contests each and every week to win real cash prizes. These contests are free to enter, but all of the cards you may wish to own...are not always free. However! This year, DraftKings is offerieng a free starter pack that comes with a completely playable lineup. So if you want to get started for free, or play Reignmakers on a budget, check out our guides. 

How to Acquire DraftKings Reignmakers NFL Cards 

Now that we've discussed what the game is exactly, let's talk about how to acquire these cards. There are a few different ways to acquire the cards. The first and most important way, because it is free, is to claim your free starter pack

After you've done that, it's likely you may wish to add a couple more cards to your portfolio. The easiest ways to add to your portfolio is by purchasing a pack of cards through the marketplace and corresponding drops, or if there are no packs available right now, you can always purchase players directly through the secondary marketplace.

If you want to target specific players to add to your portfolio, then using the marketplace on DraftKings will be the way to go. The marketplace is extensive, holding all of the NFTs that DraftKings has ever created and utilizing the search function should allow you to find your desired player much quicker.

Now there's one additional way to acquire cards outside of buying them in packs or individually, and that's by winning them. If you're transitioning from the daily fantasy side, DraftKings offers weekly daily fantasy contests where the prizes include Reignmakers packs and cards. On the Reignmakers side, each week there are contests offered with card or pack prizes. These are excellent ways to utilize your existing portfolio to earn additional cards. More cards typically means more lineups, and more opportunities to score a prize.

Check out all of the avaialable NFL players and more here.

Reignmakers Card Breakdown: Rarity Tiers 

Now that we know what the game is and how to acquire the cards, we need to go into more detail about the cards themselves. For each player, there are five different rarity tiers of cards one can get. Each of these tiers have a certain amount of cards in them, on a per-player basis. The tiers are as follows:

  • CORE
  • RARE

In each of these tiers, there is a specific number of cards for each player. At the CORE and RARE tiers, the number of editions isn't capped, whereas at ELITE through REIGNMAKER they are capped and have many fewer editions.

As one can imagine, the more limited number of editions there are, the rarer the card is, which typically means it holds a greater value in the marketplace.

Rarity tiers don't only impact the supply and demand of individual cards, but they also impact the contests you are able to enter. For example, at the RARE tier, players must utilize at least three RARE cards, but may use 2 CORE cards to supplement their lineup, assuming those cards do not belong to players who have been designated SuperStars. Be sure to follow our content all season long to learn more about how to make the most of your lineups, depending on the tier at which you're playing. 

How to Make Money With DraftKings Reignmakers

Up to this point, we've discussed how to acquire cards and what types of cards you can buy. Now, let's talk about ways you can potentially profit from the cards you own. The first and easiest way to create yield is by entering these cards into contests. These contests are free to enter once you own the cards, and DraftKings provides us with a variety of options to try and earn prizes through those contests. Each tier has its main contest for each slate, which offers cash prizes and typically large first-place prizes. Let's take a look at the first-place prizes for each tier and roster type for Week 1 of the NFL season. 

Here are the top prizes for each slate for Week 1:


  • CORE ($3,000)
  • RARE ($10,000)
  • ELITE ($20,000)
  • LEGENDARY ($10,000)
  • REIGNMAKER ($20,000)


  • CORE ($1,000)
  • RARE ($2,000)
  • ELITE ($5,000)
  • LEGENDARY ($5,000)
  • REIGNMAKER ($5,000)

Deep Roster:

  • CORE ($1,000)
  • RARE ($2,000)
  • ELITE ($10,000)
  • LEGENDARY ($5,000)
  • REIGNMAKER ($10,000)

These contests are scored the same way regular NFL DFS are scored, but the lineup construction is a bit different so here are the lineup makeups for each slate:

Classic Slate:

  • QB
  • RB
  • WR
  • WR/TE
  • FLEX  (Any position except QB (RB,WR,TE,DEF,K/ST)

Showdown Slate:

  • Captain (Flex): Player scores 1.5X DFS points
  • Flex (Any position except QB (RB,WR,TE,DEF,K/ST)
  • Flex (Any position except QB (RB,WR,TE,DEF,K/ST)
  • Flex (Any position except QB (RB,WR,TE,DEF,K/ST)

Deep Roster:

  • QB
  • RB
  • RB
  • WR
  • WR
  • TE
  • DEF
  • K/ST
  • FLEX (Any position except QB (RB,WR,TE,DEF,K/ST)

As noted above, some players carry a SuperStar designation. This designation applies to most of the NFL's top players..however, only one can be selected per each NFL team. Additionally, in our DraftKings Reignmakers lineups, only one SuperStar can be used. Lastly, SuperStar cards may NOT be played up a tier (i.e., from CORE to RARE), while all other player cards without the designation may.

For example, since Justin Jefferson is a SuperStar, he cannot be played in a lineup alongside Christian McCaffrey, who is also a SuperStar..even though they play different positions. 

Buying and Selling Cards on the DraftKings Marketplace

While playing contests may be the primary way to earn prizes with DraftKings Reignmakers, another popular way is to use the marketplace to "trade" cards. The marketplace on DraftKings allows users to buy and sell with their peers. Taking advantage of players that may be mispriced and poised for a breakout season can help earn yield just by owning the card, buying it for a lower price, and selling it for a higher one.

For those who want to invest a bit of time and, of course, money, DraftKings Reignmakers can be one of the most enjoyable forms of fantasy sports. There's so much more to learn about the game and the strategies behind it. If you are interested in learning more, stay tuned to our weekly content at Lucky Trader. And if you know you're ready to dive in, why not sign up for our Premium Tools that include a lineup Optimizer that allows you to build teams in seconds, without all the manual hassle. Check it out here!

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