DraftKings Reignmakers Season 2 Keynote Breakdown

DraftKings Reignmakers Season 2 Keynote Breakdown
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As the NFL season approaches, NFL Reignmakers Season 2 promises to bring even more excitement and potential for growth. In this article, I'll recap yesterday's Keynote address, providing you with all the highlights and a couple of low lights, such as a few audio difficulties. Nevertheless, I'll ensure you have everything you need to be fully prepared and engaged for the second NFL Reignmaker season.

Contest Prizing

The collectible nature of the assets in NFL Reignmakers is undoubtedly intriguing, but the true utility of these cards lies in the prizes they offer. Let's start by recapping one of the most controversial aspects of the stream: the GPP (Guaranteed Prize Pool) contest prizes for year 2. Here's the breakdown of prizes for the 2023 NFL Reignmaker season:

Indeed, when we compare the GPP prizing for the 2023 NFL Reignmaker season to last year's numbers, there is a noticeable decrease of $4.6 million dollars. This might initially raise concerns among participants, but it's essential to delve deeper into the changes to gain a better understanding.

While the weekly payouts will be lower for 2023 contests, DraftKings has indicated that they will release a prizing breakdown soon. They have also promised a flatter payout structure between the ELITE, LEGENDARY, and REIGNMAKER tiers. This adjustment might affect the distribution of prizes, including the top prize, which has traditionally been $100,000 each week.

Providing further insight into the breakdown of the prizing changes for the 2023 NFL Reignmaker season. It's evident that the $4.6 million decrease in actual prizing is partially allocated to prizes for 2022 cards, resulting in $100,000 per week spread across the tiers. This presents an exciting opportunity for participants to compete for valuable rewards from their 2022 collection.

Additionally, the introduction of contests to win 2023 cards and packs from the 2022 collection adds another dimension to the gameplay. This allows players to build a diverse portfolio without necessarily investing much more than what they already have in their collection.

The allocation of $3.4 million to "special events" is an exciting development for the 2023 NFL Reignmaker season. This category includes highly anticipated contests such as the Reignmakers Millionaire Maker for Thanksgiving and the Christmas Day Special, both of which were big successes last year. It's excellent to hear that DraftKings is committed to running these contests again, providing participants with thrilling opportunities to compete for significant prizes, including the $100,000 first-place prize in the Christmas Day Special.

In addition to these flagship events, DraftKings has also earmarked $500,000 for the international series Showdown games. With five of these games in total, each featuring a $100,000 prize pool, the platform is expanding its reach and providing international participants with more chances to compete and win.

Overall, the special events promise to be highly engaging and rewarding for the community. With a total increase of around $1.5 million compared to last year, these contests add to the allure of NFL Reignmakers and elevate the overall fantasy football experience. As participants gear up for the upcoming season, the anticipation for these special events is sure to be at an all-time high.

Prizing Structure

It's evident that the majority of the deficit in cash prizing has been accounted for through the allocation of funds to special events and additional DFS satellite contest prizing, totaling 1 million dollars for the season. While it may have initially appeared as a decrease in prizing, in reality, the total prizing awarded this year has increased by approximately 1.5% compared to last year.

The shift in how the prizing is distributed across different tiers and contests might have caused some initial concern, but when considering the overall increase in total prizing, it's clear that the NFL Reignmaker season is set to offer a highly rewarding and competitive experience for participants.

As the full prizing breakdown across each tier is revealed, participants will gain a better understanding of how the changes impact their potential returns. This comprehensive explanation should help alleviate any pushback and concerns that may have arisen during the event, providing clarity on the overall prize structure for the upcoming season.

Now it’s time to learn about the sets DraftKings will offer throughout the season.

Yearly Sets

It's great to hear that NFL Reignmakers has taken user feedback into account and refined the set release process for the upcoming season. To minimize confusion and duplication, this year's sets will be organized more clearly and will come in three main "headline" sets, with drops occurring at various points throughout the season.

This streamlining approach should make it easier for participants to understand and keep track of the sets being released. The three main "headline" sets will likely feature distinct themes or collections, offering unique and exciting opportunities for participants to build their portfolios and engage with the game.

In addition to the main "headline" sets, there will be side sets accompanying them. These side sets might offer specific challenges or additional rewards, further enriching the gameplay experience. The combination of main sets and side sets provides participants with a diverse range of options to collect cards and compete for various prizes throughout the season.

Headline Sets

Below find more information on headlining sets for this season. 

Play Action

The first set that will drop on August 3 is a unique set that will feature all of the best playmakers in the NFL. In addition, it carries the following utility in addition to full-year utility for all the cards in it:

  • 3x Franchise Socre Multiplier 
  • Get access to half of the 2023 RMF WC Qualifiers 
  • Exclusive Achievements

This set will first drop on August third, with a special offering of a RARE+ only pack. More details to follow.


The second of three headline sets will come towards the end of August and will be virtually the same in terms of what cards can be found in these packs as the “Play-Action” set. They come with full-year utility as well as: 

  • 2x Franchise Score Multiplier 
  • Up to 500K in unlockable additional contest prizes based on cumulative entries. More details to follow on what exactly this entails.

Air It Out

The last of the three headline sets will feature only players that did not have an edition in the prior two sets. So, this set will more or less replace the “WIRED” set from last year and feature players that are having breakout seasons that, again, were not part of the first set. We can expect this set to start release in the middle of October. In addition to full-year utility, these cards carry the highest franchise score multiplier at 5x and exclusive 2024 crafting recipes to help build the portfolio for next year.

Side Sets

In addition to those three “headline sets,” four side sets will be released throughout the season and will provide extra utility within them. Let’s learn about them!


These cards can be found exclusively in packs from the headline sets and carry extra utility that includes two thousand franchise score points and monthly crowns for yards gained. These cards will come in the RARE tier only, with only 25 players in the set. 


The introduction of a new feature in this year's NFL Reignmakers season adds an exciting dimension to the gameplay. The new set will be released in specific drops, centered around the international games taking place during the season. What sets these cards apart is their full-year utility, which means they can be utilized throughout the entire season.

In addition to their year-long usability, these cards grant access to the guaranteed international showdown contests, which offer impressive prize pools of $500,000 in total ($100,000 each contest). This presents a fantastic opportunity for participants to compete for substantial rewards in these exclusive contests.

Moreover, these cards carry a 5x franchise score multiplier, which adds significant value and rewards to those who possess them. With their exclusive availability in the RARE tier, participants will surely be eager to acquire these cards and make the most of their franchise score multiplier to climb the leaderboard and increase their chances of winning.


The return of the exciting holiday set in NFL Reignmakers is sure to bring even more anticipation and thrill to the season. Just like last year, this holiday set will offer the same utility, providing participants with access to some of the most prestigious contests during the Thanksgiving and Christmas periods.

The set will be dropped around Thanksgiving, and the cards from this set will grant holders access to the exclusive Reignmakers Millionaire Maker contest on Thanksgiving. This is a highly coveted contest with tremendous prize potential, offering participants a chance to compete for substantial rewards.

In addition, these holiday set cards will also provide access to the Christmas Day Special, where the first-place prize will be an impressive $100,000. This special contest promises to add even more excitement to the holiday season for NFL Reignmakers participants.

One notable change from last year is that these cards will be available exclusively in the RARE tier. 


This REIGNMAKER only tier set comes with a two-year utility for all cards. Thru the use of a craft and burn recipe trade the 2023 edition of this card in for the 2024 edition of the same player. The first generation of a multi-year card in this Reignmaker game. 


Apart from these highlights, the Reignmakers team also discussed various product improvements to enhance the overall gameplay experience. One notable improvement is the introduction of Lucky Trader's Optimizer, which allows participants to create optimal lineups based on their portfolio in just seconds. This feature will undoubtedly streamline lineup building and strategic decision-making, making it even more rewarding for players.

The team also addressed the Field Pass Options for this year, providing participants with flexible options to choose from based on their preferences and level of engagement. Additionally, they touched on Franchise Score payouts, offering participants more opportunities to earn rewards based on their performance throughout the season.

Overall, the Keynote covered a range of exciting updates and improvements, promising an even more immersive and rewarding NFL Reignmakers season for players. With the new set, special events, and product enhancements, participants can look forward to an exceptional fantasy football experience. The anticipation for the upcoming season is higher than ever! Check out the full-stream here.

There is still plenty more to be announced, including actual prizing structure by tier, and week. There were also a ton of questions regarding the tax implications of the Reignmaker Game, something we here at Lucky Trader hope to provide help and guidance in that department as the year moves on. Stay tuned for all Reignmakers news here at Lucky Trader! 

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