DraftKings Reignmakers Season 2 Keynote Update

DraftKings Reignmakers Season 2 Keynote Update
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About a week after the DraftKings team's keynote address on July 24, in which they unveiled their plans for the 2023 season, a plethora of information was shared, leading to a myriad of questions. Some of these have already been answered, while others remain.

But crucial information has been revealed in the past few days, and with the first set launching in merely four days, having a strategic plan is crucial to ensure success for yourself and your portfolio. Let's delve into the latest updates and strategize for the impending launch and the upcoming season.

Keynote Update: Field Passes

First, let's discuss field passes, which marked the inaugural (and we hope, the first of many) successful drops from Reignmaker NFL's second season. All available passes at each tier were sold out, indicating strong demand and a positive sign for Reignmaker players.

If you're still keen on getting a field pass, you have an opportunity through auctions starting today, July 31, with ten chances to win. As these passes cannot be resold, and with only a few left for purchase, we'll forego an in-depth analysis of expected utility to focus on more urgent matters such as contest prizing and a preview of the first set drop, "Play Action."

Prizing Structure

As extensively discussed in our initial Keynote article, contest prizing was a major discussion point during the Keynote. Upon the announcement of the prizing, the community quickly noticed several changes from the previous year. First, a total of $22.4 million is slated for weekly prizing, down from last year's $27 million. However, this doesn't include the $2.2 million allocated to last year's collection, $1 million for DFS satellite contest prizing, $1 million for the 2023 Reignmakers World Championship, and $3.4 million for side set contests, including the Reignmakers Millionaire Maker on Thanksgiving Day.

The distribution of the $22.4 million also sparked much conversation as DraftKings unveiled a more balanced tier structure among the ELITE, LEGENDARY, and REIGNMAKER tiers, with an increasing pool for these tiers as the season progresses. This prize pool will be drawn from the CORE level and disbursed among the top three. So, without further delay, here's the breakdown of payouts for each week through the end of the season at each rarity tier.

Alright, let's delve into this a bit further. We understand that for the CORE-REIGNMAKER prize pools, there will be three different types of slates: Showdown, Deep-Roster, and Classic. It's highly probable that the Classic slate will receive 50-60% of the total prize pool in each tier, with the exception of the REIGNMAKER tier, where it's likely to receive closer to 80%, given that there are no Showdown contests in the REIGNMAKER tier.

Assuming a typical week consists of three Showdown slates, one Classic Slate, and one Deep-Roster slate, here are the percentage allocations for each:

  • Showdown: 25%
  • Classic Slate: 59%
  • Deep-Roster: 16%

If we use the same distribution for this year, the prize pool broken down by slate (rounded for presentation purposes) would be as follows:

Classic Slate: (Week 1-6 average) 

  • CORE: $50,000
  • RARE: $100,000
  • ELITE: $150,000
  • LEGENDARY: $150,000
  • REIGNMAKER: $150,000

Classic Slate: (Week 7-18 average)  

  • CORE: $30,000
  • RARE: $100,000
  • ELITE: $160,000
  • LEGENDARY: $160,000
  • REIGNMAKER: $175,000

Showdown Slates: (Yearly Avg. Per game (avg of 3 showdowns each week)) 

  • CORE: $7,000
  • RARE: $15,000
  • ELITE: $20,000
  • LEGENDARY: $20,000
  • REIGNMAKER: $25,000

Deep-Roster: (Yearly Avg.) 

  • CORE: $10,000
  • RARE: $25,000
  • ELITE: $40,000
  • LEGENDARY: $40,000
  • REIGNMAKER: $40,000

Given this breakdown, and using the ELITE tier as an example, we can anticipate a significant weekly allocation of around $150,000 for the classic slate. Given the past structuring of this tier, it's likely that a portion of this sum will be set aside for Bankroll Booster and Single Entry Contests. While there's some guesswork involved here, one thing remains clear: for most players, the weekly top prize is a major incentive and a strong draw.

With the expected allocation and structure, it's plausible to predict a weekly top prize of about $50,000 in the ELITE tier. While the exact amount may fluctuate depending on factors like the distribution across various contest types, a top prize of $50,000 is significant and appealing to players.

Keynote Update: Player Preview

One enticing element that distinguishes the player segment of the Reignmakers portfolio for NFL from traditional DFS is the fewer lineup restrictions and absence of salary constraints. Nevertheless, there's one key provision to keep in mind, which is the "SuperStar" status. Players who are designated as SuperStars cannot be combined in any lineup for any contest type.

As we examine the SuperStar statuses at the season's outset, it's crucial to remember that DraftKings reserves the right to modify these statuses throughout the season. Hence, let's identify the players who have been assigned SuperStar status to begin the season:

Please note that this information may change during the course of the season, and it's essential to stay updated with DraftKings' official announcements.

As we commence the season, 17 players carry the SuperStar status, which is consistent with the number from the previous year. Among those designated as SuperStars for the 2023 season, noteworthy newcomers include Saquon Barkley and CeeDee Lamb, while some players from last season may not have retained their SuperStar status.

Ja’Marr Chase will also begin the season as a SuperStar, following the interchangeable superstar statuses he shared with his quarterback Joe Burrow last year. Based on some preliminary projections, here are some of the top non-SuperStar status players at each position:


  • Joe Burrow
  • Trevor Lawerence
  • Justin Fields
  • Aaron Rodgers
  • Deshaun Watson 

Running Backs

  • Josh Jacobs
  • Bijan Robinson (Rookie)
  • Rhamondre Stevenson
  • Tony Pollard
  • Travis Etienne Jr. 

Wide Receivers/ Tight Ends

  • Stefon Diggs
  • Travis Kelce
  • A.J. Brown
  • Amon-Ra St. Brown
  • Garrett Wilson

Indeed, this week is a momentous one in the Reignmaker NFL universe, with the eagerly awaited first set drop scheduled for Wednesday, August 3rd. This launch will introduce the Playaction set, featuring an exciting selection of non-rookie 2023 cards debuting on the market. Players and fans alike can anticipate exploring these new cards, assessing their potential worth, and strategizing on how best to leverage them in the game.

As the specific allocation for this drop becomes clear, participants will get a detailed overview of the Play Action set, understanding its contents and possible impact on their gameplay. This keenly anticipated set marks a significant landmark in the Reignmaker NFL game, bringing new elements to the table and enriching the gaming experience for all.

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