DraftKings Reignmakers: Top Sales of the Week (9/11-9/16)

DraftKings Reignmakers: Top Sales of the Week (9/11-9/16)
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Now that the NFL season is underway, things are heating up in the DraftKings Reignmakers marketplace. This article looks at the top sales in the DraftKings Reignmakers Marketplace from this past week (Sept. 11 - Sept. 16).

DraftKings user "StealCityHall" dominated this week's top sales with a Wednesday evening shopping spree of three Reignmakers, all of which include a Superstar player. StealCityHall adds to his already massive collection that now contains 40 Reignmaker cards.

The interesting thing about this mysterious DraftKings user is that they do not have the full DraftKings experience badge, defined as having over 1,000 contests played plus winnings of $1,000 in three contests or winnings totaling at least $2,500 in a contest with payouts of at least five entries.

In fact, StealCityHall only has the "big win" badge, which represents having less than 500 contests played but includes a big win. All this to say that this user does not have much experience on the DraftKings platform. This aligns with the bull case expressed from high stakes Reignmakers players that many of these top buyers come from NFT backgrounds and could therefore lack the experience and skill it takes to win in fantasy football. Only time will tell if this theory comes to fruition.

Here are the top five sales of the week:

1. ($18,888) Cooper Kupp: 2022 Genesis Set (REIGNMAKER) #1

Screen Shot 2022-09-16 at 8.38.28 AM.webp

The largest sale of the week and one of the largest sales ever was for this Cooper Kupp Genesis Reignmaker card. This card was originally received from a Genesis Legendary pack on Aug. 4 by sdumke and then sold to Jseel on Aug. 7 for $10,000. Jseel held onto the card for about 5 weeks, listing it at various price points until purchased by StealCityHall for $18,888. Jseel almost doubled the investment on this flip. There have only been four transactions for any Cooper Kupp Reignmaker card including these two. His Field Pass Promo card is listed for $39,200 and his Genesis Holo is listed for 10 million.

2. ($16,000) Ja'Marr Chase: 2022 Elevate Set Prism (REIGNMAKER) #1

Screen Shot 2022-09-15 at 2.09.13 PM.webp

The second largest sale of the week went to a Ja’Marr Chase Reignmaker from the Elevate Prism Set. This card was received in an Elevate Prism Reignmakers pack on Sept. 11 and sold to StealCityHall three days later. This was actually the first-ever sale of a Ja’Marr Chase Reignmaker card. The Genesis is listed for $10M, the Genesis Holo is listed for $23,000, and the Field Pass Promo is listed for $32,100. The remaining exist only inside unopened packs.

3. ($13,000) Justin Herbert: 2022 Momentum Set (REIGNMAKER) #1

Screen Shot 2022-09-16 at 8.39.18 AM.webp

The final big purchase by StealCityHall was a Justin Herbert Momentum Reignmaker card for $13,000. This card was pulled from a Momentum Legendary pack on Sept. 13 by naeveret. Similar to the Ja’Marr Chase purchase, this was the first ever sale of a Justin Herbert Reignmaker. The public consensus seems to be to hold onto these cards, as the only other one listed is the Genesis for a steep price of $31,000. Herbert is a good card to have for now due to the Chargers soft schedule to start the season.

4. ($10,500) Mike Evans: 2022 Genesis Set Holo (REIGNMAKER) #1

The fourth largest purchase goes to bneg who bought a Mike Evans Genesis Holo Reignmaker for $10,500. This sale occurred last Sunday, just before the opening kickoff for the main slate. The card was won by Jseel via auction on Aug. 8 and sold to daleearnhardt1 for $6,900. Daleearnhardt1 then sold to bneg for a $3,600 profit. The card could increase in value if the banged-up Chris Godwin or Julio Jones miss time, although Evans is currently dealing with a calf injury himself.

5. ($5,000) Patrick Mahomes II: 2022 Field Pass Promo Set (LEGENDARY) #5

Screen Shot 2022-09-16 at 8.37.59 AM.webp

The fifth largest sale goes to a Patrick Mahomes Field Pass Promo Legendary card for $5,000. Bother7 made the purchase on Wednesday evening, not too long after StealCityHall’s shopping spree. The sale marks the highest purchase of a Mahomes Legendary card. Mahomes’ card value could increase later on in the season, as the Chiefs’ next 6 games feature opponents who had winning records last season.

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