DraftKings Reignmakers | Yesterday's Top Sales (9/7)

DraftKings Reignmakers | Yesterday's Top Sales (9/7)
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As the football season approaches, things are heating up on the DraftKings Reignmakers marketplace. This article looks at the top sales in the DraftKings Reignmakers Marketplace from Sept. 7.

Surprisingly, all five of Wednesday’s top sales featured Legendary cards, only one of which was a Superstar player. There were 18 total “Big Sales” yesterday (defined as sales over $500) and of those 18, 15 were Legendary player cards. This could be the result of the Reignmaker-tier market becoming more efficient over the last few weeks, but it is still far from it. Things should change pretty quickly as the season begins, and yesterday was the final day before the official start of the NFL season.

Here are yesterday's top sales:

1. ($3,999) Travis Kelce: 2022 Genesis Set (LEGENDARY) #10

The biggest sale of the day was a Legendary Travis Kelce Genesis card that sold for $3,999. The purchase was made by StealCityHall at 10:00 p.m. ET last night. Interestingly, the card was listed for $3,999 back on Aug. 18 by Jseel who never budged on the price for three weeks. It was StealCityHall’s fourth largest purchase. Kelce is looking like one of the best non-superstar plays on the board, however, tight ends are not mandatory plays in Reignmaker contests.

2. ($3,000) Deebo Samuel: 2022 Genesis Set (LEGENDARY) #4

The second largest purchase goes to Ipdev, who bought a Deebo Samuel Genesis Legendary for $3000. The card was received in a Genesis Legendary pack on Aug. 9 by greggwh. It was sold to nkow for $1,300 before being bought by greggwh one day after being listed for $3,000. Deebo has Superstar status at the moment, but being on the fringe, he’s subject to being replaced as the season goes on.

3. ($2,785) A.J. Brown: 2022 Genesis Set (LEGENDARY) #10

StealCityHall also purchased an A.J. Brown Genesis Legendary card for $2,785. The card was pulled from a Genesis Legendary pack on Aug. 8 by visualpro, and listed four times at decreasing price points until settled at $2,785. The card sat in the market at that price point for over two weeks before StealCityHall made the purchase. Brown is an intriguing play, as he should be in a more fantasy-friendly environment on his new team, and he’s one of the best non-Superstar players. He can be played together with his non-Superstar quarterback Jalen Hurts and a Superstar.

4. ($2,420.69) James Connor: 2022 Elevate Set (LEGENDARY) #10

Number four goes to Cardinals’ running back James Conner, an Elevate Legendary card for $2,420.69. The card was pulled from an Elevate Legendary pack just two days ago by Al_Smizzle who listed the card right away. The card was purchased the following day, yet another big purchase by StealCityHall. StealCityHall now has close to forty purchases above $1,000. 

5. ($2,375) Courtland Sutton: 2022 Genesis Set (LEGENDARY) #9

The fifth big purchase of the day went to jrstout2217, who bought a Courtland Sutton Genesis Legendary card off of dbarlow87 for $2,375. It was by far jrstout2217’s biggest purchase. His previous largest was a Trey Lance Elevate Elite card for $769.99. Sutton is in a great spot to improve his fantasy output coming into his third season with new Broncos’ quarterback Russell Wilson.

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