DraftKings Reignmakers | Yesterday's Top Sales (9/8)

DraftKings Reignmakers | Yesterday's Top Sales (9/8)
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As the football season approaches, things are heating up on the DraftKings Reignmakers marketplace. This article looks at the top "big sales" (defined as sales over $500) in the DraftKings Reignmakers Marketplace from Sept. 8.

Yesterday saw 32 big sales, and for the first time a significant amount of Elite cards were featured, although none cracked the top five. Of the 32 big sales yesterday, 50 percent were Legendary, 22 percent were Elite, 13 percent were Reignmaker, and 13 percent were pack purchases. It is worth noting that among the seven Elite sales, four featured players from the Bills/Rams game last night (three Diggs, and one Allen). 

Here are yesterday's top sales:

1. ($4,300) Juju Smith-Schuster: 2022 Genesis Set Holo (REIGNMAKER) #1

The largest sale of the day was a Juju Smith-Schuster Genesis Holo Reignmaker card for $4,300, bought by Goliath127. The card was won via auction by BigTymer on Aug. 8 for $4,200. After marketplace fees, BigTymer more or less broke even on his sale one month later. Goliath127 immediately relisted for $8,000 where it currently sits in the marketplace.

2. ($3,999) Mike Evans: 2022 Genesis Set (LEGENDARY) #1

The second largest sale was made by dictator_teddy, a $3,999 purchase of a Mike Evans Genesis Legendary #1. The card was pulled from a Genesis Legendary pack on Aug. 4 by Jinkyu44. The card was sold to Jseel one day later for $3,000. Jseel profited almost $1,000 from the flip.

3. ($3,800) Elijah Moore: 2022 Elevate Set Prism (REIGNMAKER) #1

The third largest sale was an Elijah Moore Elevate Set Prism Reignmaker card for $3,800. The card was received from an Elevate Legendary pack by jpnyc76 and then sold to GrindersCal five days later. It was the first big sale for any Elijah Moore Reignmaker card. His Genesis is currently listed for $4,500 and his Holo is not for sale.

4. ($3,600) Patrick Mahomes II: 2022 Elevate Set (LEGENDARY) #5

The fourth largest sale was a Patrick Mahomes Elevate Legendary #5 for $3,600. The card was pulled from an Elevate Legendary pack by SuperMegaDonk on Aug. 22 and sold twice before being bought by Jseel yesterday. It was the largest sale of any Mahomes Legendary card, surpassing Bales’ purchase of a Genesis #3 for $3,200 on Sept. 2.

5. ($2,999) Tyreek Hill: 2022 Genesis Set (LEGENDARY) #9

The fifth largest purchase was a Tyreek Hill Genesis Legendary #9 for $2,999 by Raize34. Raize34 got a pretty good price relative to the current Tyreek Hill Legendary market, as other sales of this card went for $3,100 and $3,800. Raize34 immediately relisted the card for $5,200 where it currently sits in the marketplace.

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