DraftKings Launches Bulk Entry Feature for Reignmakers

DraftKings Launches Bulk Entry Feature for Reignmakers
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After a successful inaugural season with the NFL, and the addition of UFC and PGA to its roster, DraftKings Reignmakers has firmly established its presence in the sports industry. Today, DraftKings announced its latest development, "Bulk Entry," a transformative feature that streamlines the weekly lineup entry process and signals the advent of further technological innovation.

The Reignmakers' community, who avidly engage with and monitor daily developments in the game, have requested this feature as their top priority. While it bears similarities to the DFS bulk entry or edit entry system, the Reignmakers' version has some additional complexities that make it distinct. Below, I'll walk through those nuances and show you how to use Bulk Entry on DraftKings Reignmakers. 

1. Download the Bulk Entry Template/CSV

The initial step in this process is to navigate to the upcoming slate.You can locate this under the my contest page or by clicking here. After downloading, open the file using Excel or another compatible software. After opening, the file will appear similar to the example provided below.

2. Choose a Contest

Once the file is downloaded and open, the next step involves selecting a contest for which you wish to create a lineup. You can find the contests for the upcoming slate starting from Column "V" and cell "V-24" in the spreadsheet, as shown below: (Contest ID Column highlighted in yellow).

Identify the "Contest ID" for the contest you're interested in and input that ID into Cell "A2" (or as shown in step 1). If you're creating multiple lineups for the same contest, copy the same "Contest ID" into the subsequent cells—such as "B2," "C2," "D2," and so on. Here's how your spreadsheet should look:

In the above example, we've set up to have 10 entries in the PGA ELITE FIAT 100K GTD 10K to FIRST contest, and one in each of the other contests listed in this slate. It's now time to construct those lineups.

3. Create Lineup(s)

Having inputted the contest data, your next task is to create the lineups. Our team at Lucky Trader is diligently working to simplify this step. However, for now, particularly for PGA, the process remains somewhat manual but it's considerably faster than the current available option. This involves taking the "Unique ID" of the card you wish to use in a specific lineup and placing it in the corresponding lineup. Let's begin by explaining where to locate the Unique ID.


The Unique ID can be found in Column N, starting at cell "N-24". This column lists each player card in the downloaded portfolio that is available for the selected slate. To place a card in a lineup, copy the Unique ID of the desired card and paste it into the corresponding cell—"B2:F16" in the provided example.

Take note that the first cell in each lineup is designated for the "Captain's" spot in PGA, so it's crucial to allocate your top cards to these positions! Once all lineups are completed, you can save your work and upload the lineups to DraftKings.

4. Save File and Re-Upload to DraftKings

After saving the file, navigate back to DraftKings to upload the CSV file.

And there you have it! You've successfully uploaded your lineups using the new bulk entry feature. This marks a significant step in the evolution of the Reignmakers game, a development that should excite both newcomers and long-standing players. Until next time, good luck! As always, don't hesitate to reach out with any questions about this process.


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