DraftKings Reignmakers | Top Sales Today

DraftKings Reignmakers | Top Sales Today
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This article takes a look at the top sales in the DraftKings Reignmakers Marketplace on Aug. 31.

1. ($13,000) Patrick Mahomes II: 2022 Genesis Set Holo (REIGNMAKER) #1 

The biggest sale to date occurred late on Wednesday, a $13,000 purchase of a Patrick Mahomes Genesis Holo Reignmaker #1. The card was originally won via auction by @SilverBull and immediately listed on the market for $25,000. After slowly dropping the price over the course of two weeks, @Bales purchased the card for $13,000.

2. ($6,251.69) Jameis Winston: 2022 Genesis Set (REIGNMAKER) #1

A more surprising sale, Jameis Winston's Genesis Reignmaker #1 sold for $6,251.69 late on Wednesday. The card was received in a Genesis Elite pack on Aug. 5 by @Six6Sicks and listed seventeen times at varying price points until it was finally purchased by @shalhoub23. 

3. ($5,299) Terry McLaurin: 2022 Genesis Set Holo (REIGNMAKER) #1

The third largest sale was a Terry McLaurin Genesis Holo Reignmaker #1 that went for $5,299. The card was originally won by @bionicknee via auction on Aug. 7 for $3,900, flipped to @petteytheft89 two weeks later for $4500, then sold to @SilverBull.

4. ($4,000) Josh Allen: 2022 Field Pass Promo Set (LEGENDARY) #6

The highest non-Reignmaker sale goes to a Josh Allen Field Pass Promo Legendary #6 for $4,000. The card was received in a Field Pass Promo Pack by @Al_Smizzle on Jul. 15. After being listed for $6,900, the price came down to $3,200 and was purchased by @SilverBull. After over one month, the card was listed for $4,000 and immediately purchased by @Bales.

5. ($3,599) Mac Jones: 2022 Genesis Set Holo (REIGNMAKER) #1

The fifth highest sale goes to a Genesis Holo Reignmaker #1 of Patriots second-year quarterback Mac Jones for $3,599. The card was won via auction for $2,100 by @wiley77 on Aug. 11, sold four days later to @MattDawson for $2,500, and then sold to @Idolatrine sixteen days later.

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