DraftKings Reignmakers | Top Sales on 9/1

DraftKings Reignmakers | Top Sales on 9/1
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As the football season approaches, things are heating up on the DraftKings Reignmakers marketplace. This article takes a look at the top sales in the DraftKings Reignmakers Marketplace from Sept. 1. 

1. ($11,000) Austin Ekeler: 2022 Genesis Set (REIGNMAKER) #1


Credit for the largest sale of the day goes to Taxman8, who purchased an Austin Ekeler Genesis Reignmaker #1 for $11,000. The card was originally pulled from a Genesis Legendary pack by BigTymer on Aug. 4th. The transaction was the second largest sale amongst Genesis Reignmaker running backs, only trailing Jonathan Taylor who sold for $12,000 on Aug. 14.

2. ($10,000) Kyler Murray: 2022 Genesis Set (REIGNMAKER) #1


The second largest sale was a Kyler Murray Genesis Reignmaker, another five-figure purchase by Taxman8. The card was purchased from GamblyMcGambleFace who received the card from a Genesis ELITE pack on Aug. 10. Kyler is looking like one of the best bets amongst players who didn’t quite crack the SuperStar designation.

3. ($8,900.00) Jalen Hurts: 2022 Elevate Set Prism (REIGNMAKER) #1


A Jalen Hurts Elevate Prism Reignmaker card was the third largest sale of the day. The card was received in an Elevate Legendary pack by adamp52282 and immediately sold for $8,900 to Idolatrine. Idolatrine currently has it listed for $18,900 in the marketplace.

4. ($4,420.00) Mike Williams: 2022 Elevate Set Prism (REIGNMAKER) #1

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A somewhat surprising sale, Mike Williams’ Elevate Prism Reignmaker card was purchased by rsbathla for $4,420. This was after the previous owner, Raize34 came further down off of his original listings of $11,200 and $9,500.

Williams has not had too many other large sales on the Reignmakers marketplace, and his Genesis Reignmaker card was sold for only slightly more at $4,800 on Aug. 24th.

5. ($3,400.00) Derrick Henry: 2022 Field Pass Promo Set (LEGENDARY) #8 


The only non-Reignmaker card to crack the list was a Field Pass Promo Legendary card #8 of Titans running back, Derrick Henry. The card was received way back on July 14 in a Field Pass Promo pack by synseer7. After sitting on the shelf for over a month listed at $3,400, the card was finally purchased by cmagoon2323. The purchase is the most expensive sale of any Legendary Derrick Henry card.

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