DraftKings Reignmakers | Weekly News & Marketplace Inefficiencies (Week 14)

DraftKings Reignmakers | Weekly News & Marketplace Inefficiencies (Week 14)
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In this article, we’ll look at the most impactful NFL news of the week, the best weeklong and seasonlong additions to your DraftKings Reignmakers’ squad, and which Superstars are the best value adds to fill out the rest of your team.


What Happened This Week in the NFL?

Staying on top of NFL news is difficult. This section highlights the most important announcements of the week and shows how they’ve impacted DraftKings Reignmakers player card prices.

Mike White to Remain Starting Quarterback for New York Jets

Mike White is expected to remain the starting quarterback for the New York Jets headed into their Week 14 matchup against the Buffalo Bills. “Not that it needed to be asked, but I did anyway,” Rich Cimini of ESPN tweeted. “The QB situation is status quo, which means White continues to start and it’s still on a week-to-week basis, Saleh says.” White threw for more than 350 passing yards but zero touchdowns last week against the Minnesota Vikings. He missed Garrett Wilson on a long potential touchdown late in the game, but Wilson still ended with eight receptions for 162 receiving yards. White and Wilson make for an interesting fantasy football pairing moving forward.

Joe Mixon Expected to Clear Concussion Protocol This Week

Joe Mixon missed the last two weeks of the NFL season with a concussion, but he has “a chance” to clear protocols “early this week,” according to head coach Zac Taylor. The Cincinnati Bengals did just fine without him last week, defeating the Kansas City Chiefs 27-24. Ja’Marr Chase returned to a 7-reception, 97-yard performance. Joe Burrow and company are not going to miss a step even without Mixon, but getting him back adds to their rushing attack. If Mixon does not return, Samaje Perine, who has been more than serviceable in Mixon’s absence, will continue to start.

Lamar Jackson Out ‘Days to Weeks’ and Unlikely to Play in Week 14

Lamar Jackson is unlikely to play this week against the Pittsburgh Steelers, but his injury is likely not of the season-ending variety. “I would say it’s kind of week-to-week,” said head coach John Harbaugh. “It’s probably less likely for this week, but it’s not impossible. And then after that, it’ll become more and more likely.” The Baltimore Ravens are fortunate enough to get a great matchup this week against the Denver Broncos as they fight for their spot in the NFL Playoffs.

Jimmy Garoppolo Out for Season With Broken Foot

Jimmy Garoppolo broke his foot and will miss the remainder of the season, according to head coach Kyle Shanahan. The starting quarterback situation is currently unclear. But the Carolina Panthers are expected to release Baker Mayfield this week, who may have his eyes set on joining the San Francisco 49ers. It will be interesting to see how this situation develops, and it is unclear who on the 49ers’ offense will benefit. It should remain business as usual for Christian McCaffrey, though.

Matthew Stafford’s Season Is Over After Spinal Cord Contusion

Matthew Stafford will miss the remainder of the 2022-23 NFL Season after suffering a spinal cord contusion, according to head coach Sean McVay. The Los Angeles Rams had a disappointing season riddled with injuries. Both Stafford and Cooper Kupp will look to recover this offseason and come back stronger in 2023.


Weekly Welcomes

Looking to have some fun this week, but don’t really care about the rest of the NFL season? This section highlights the best value adds at each position based on Week 14 projections and prices. Don’t forget to sell your player cards after the week, if you’re not going to use them again.

Mike White - QB - Elite - $360

As previously mentioned, Mike White will remain the starting quarterback for the New York Jets this week against the Buffalo Bills. That is a massive confidence booster, and if White performs even decent, he should continue to start for the remainder of the season. He has a solid connection with his top wide receiver, Garrett Wilson, but more importantly, there are only 20 available White ELITE tier player cards. He has a showdown coming up on Thursday, Dec. 22, and having him will be a massive contrarian edge to Trevor Lawrence. He also makes for a great play this week in all LEGENDARY tier contests because of how low-owned he has to be given his available supply.

Garrett Wilson - WR - Elite - $329

Garrett Wilson is having a phenomenal season with 90 or more receiving yards in four of his last five games. He has at least five receptions in four of his last five games, too, with eight receptions in two of those games. He is gelling with quarterback Mike White, and the two should continue to find security in their connection. Stack Mike White and Garrett Wilson for a high-upside, low-owned combination this week and for the remaining weeks this season, especially the Thursday before Christmas.


Season-Long Stashes

Looking to add to your DraftKings Reignmakers’ squad for the rest of the year? This section highlights the best long-term value adds for the remainder of the season.

Lamar Jackson - QB - Elite - $200

This is risky, but Lamar Jackson is likely not out for the remainder of the season, and the Baltimore Ravens are a fairly safe bet to make the playoffs with their ease of schedule toward the end of the season. Jackson is on massive discount at the ELITE tier, but not at LEGENDARY or REIGNMAKER. He is cheaper than Trevor Lawrence and Derek Carr, and about the same price as Jared Goff. He is only slightly more expensive than Kenny Pickett. If he only misses one or two weeks, having a quarterback the caliber of Jackson for the rest of the season and the playoffs for this cheap is a massive steal. 

Josh Jacobs - RB - Elite - $649

On the opposite end of the spectrum is Josh Jacobs, who is currently way overpriced but for good reason. Jacobs is the clear top, non-SUPERSTAR option at the running back position. He has at least 100 rushing yards in three consecutive games, three touchdowns in those games, and 11 receptions to boot. He is going to continue to see 25+ carries per game, and the Las Vegas Raiders have two upcoming showdown games. Players will likely need Jacobs to win both those showdown slates, so his price relative to his upside isn’t that far off. Bite the bullet and secure Jacobs’ shares for the remainder of the season. 


Superstar Steals

Looking for the last piece of the puzzle to your perfect DraftKings Reignmakers lineup? This section highlights the best Superstar value adds at each rarity tier.

Christian McCaffrey - RB - Legendary - $1,700

Christian McCaffrey is the third-best running back in the league in PPR format, trailing only Austin Ekeler and Josh Jacobs through the first 13 weeks of the season. Yet, sentiment about his performance on the field seems mismatched with his actual statistics. He is catching a lot of passes out of the backfield and has plenty of touchdown upside. In his last five games, he has four touchdowns and 31 receptions. His LEGENDARY tier player cards are worth considering with a showdown slate coming up for the San Francisco 49ers. McCaffrey is better than the secondary marketplace is treating him, and his SUPERSTAR status helps him come Week 15.

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