DraftKings Reignmakers | Weekly News & Marketplace Inefficiencies (Week 15)

DraftKings Reignmakers | Weekly News & Marketplace Inefficiencies (Week 15)
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In this article, we’ll look at the most impactful NFL news of the week, the best weeklong and seasonlong additions to your DraftKings Reignmakers’ squad, and which Superstars are the best value adds to fill out the rest of your team.


What Happened This Week in the NFL?

Staying on top of NFL news is difficult. This section highlights the most important announcements of the week and shows how they’ve impacted DraftKings Reignmakers player card prices.

Dallas Goedert to Return to Practice, Hopeful to Play Week 15

Dallas Goedert is returning to practice after missing the last four weeks with a shoulder injury. He is expected to return this week against the Chicago Bears, but if not is “almost certain” to return before the game against the Dallas Cowboys in Week 16, according to Jeff McLane. Prior to his injury, Goedert was one of the league’s top tight ends. This season, solid tight end options have been difficult to find, and fantasy owners will welcome Goedert back with open arms.

Deebo Samuel to Miss Multiple Weeks, Will Return for Playoffs

Deebo Samuel left last week’s game with an ankle injury. It has now been confirmed that he is suffering from MCL and ankle sprains, but he is only expected to miss “three-ish weeks,” according to San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan. He could likely play in Week 18, but he will certainly be back for the playoffs, barring any additional injuries to his leg.

Kyler Murray Out for Season After ACL Tear

Kyler Murray will miss the remainder of the 2022-23 NFL Season with a torn ACL after going down on a non-contact injury last Monday. Colt McCoy will take over for the rest of the season, as the Arizona Cardinals start to turn their attention to the 2023-24 season. This injury negatively impacts DeAndre Hopkins, who finished the game against the New England Patriots with seven receptions for 79 receiving yards.

JK Dobbins Impresses, Says Still Not Fully Recovered From 2021 Injury

JK Dobbins had his first impressive showing of the season, rushing for more than 100 yards and scoring a touchdown on only 15 carries against the Pittsburgh Steelers last week. When asked about his performance, Dobbins said he still hasn’t fully recovered from his 2021 injury. "It’s still not me all the way yet,” Dobbins said. "I’m going to continue to get better, and hopefully those 100-yard games will start turning into 200-yard games, maybe.” He has shown flashes during his brief time on the field this season, and with Lamar Jackson out, the Baltimore Ravens could rely on him more heavily over the next one or two weeks.

Cole Beasley Reunites With Former Team Buffalo Bills

Cole Beasley is coming out of retirement to join the Buffalo Bills practice squad. How exactly he will be utilized for the remainder of the season, if at all, is unknown. It is, however, unlikely he came out of retirement to not see the field. Beasley provides Josh Allen with a reliable and familiar option in the slot. Isaiah McKenzie has been tasked with filling Beasley’s absence, but it seems the coaching staff is not quite certain he did that well enough. 


Weekly Welcomes

Looking to have some fun this week, but don’t really care about the rest of the NFL season? This section highlights the best value adds at each position based on Week 15 projections and prices. Don’t forget to sell your player cards after the week, if you’re not going to use them again.

Terry McLaurin - WR - Elite - $130

Terry McLaurin is the clear favorite in Washington, as Commanders’ quarterback Taylor Heinicke continues to look his way game after game. As mentioned in Bill Monighetti’s Week 15 breakdown article, “since Week 8, McLaurin has posted target shares of 35 percent, 44 percent, 30 percent, 27 percent, and 30 percent.” Washington plays the New York Giants this week (again), and McLaurin had eight receptions for more than 100 receiving yards two weeks ago against the same team. He makes for a great, high-upside Showdown staple this week on Sunday night.

JK Dobbins - RB - Elite - $157

JK Dobbins had his first impressive performance of the season this last week against the Pittsburgh Steelers. He rushed 15 times for over 100 yards and a touchdown. When asked about his performance, he said he is still not completely recovered from his 2021 injury, and that he hopes to get better soon. With Lamar Jackson out for the next week or two, Dobbins makes for a good week-to-week spot start with high upside. 


Season-Long Stashes

Looking to add to your DraftKings Reignmakers’ squad for the rest of the year? This section highlights the best long-term value adds for the remainder of the season.

Dallas Goedert - TE - Elite - $72

Dallas Goedert is cheap at the ELITE tier because he has been on injured reserve for four weeks. This week, he is hopeful to return, and he is almost certain to return by Week 16. The Philadelphia Eagles already clinched their spot in the NFL Playoffs, which means Goedert will be useful for extra weeks on DraftKings Reignmakers. He was one of the best tight end options in the league prior to his injury, and putting aside Travis Kelce (see below), he has the potential to outscore all other players at the position. He is a good stacking pair with Jalen Hurts (see below), too.

Travis Kelce - TE - Elite - $725

Speaking of how difficult it has been this season to find a good tight end option, Travis Kelce has solidified himself as the best tight end in the league by a large margin. He is Patrick Mahomes’ favorite receiving option, which has secured him 12 touchdowns already this season. Without another reliable receiving option on the Kansas City Chiefs offense, Kelce’s high price tag makes sense. The Chiefs should make it far into the playoffs, and Kelce will be a big reason why. Pairing him with Mahomes gives players a huge edge over the rest of the competition during Showdown and playoff slates.


Superstar Steals

Looking for the last piece of the puzzle to your perfect DraftKings Reignmakers lineup? This section highlights the best Superstar value adds at each rarity tier.

Jalen Hurts - QB - Elite - $600

Playoff stacks are important moving forward for DraftKings Reignmakers, and there are few better than Jalen Hurts, A.J. Brown, and Dallas Goedert. Hurts does have Superstar status, so his ELITE tier player card cannot be used up in LEGENDARY tier. If you plan to play in LEGENDARY or REIGNMAKER tier, you’ll have to purchase a Hurts card that corresponds to those tiers, but it is ridiculously expensive. His ELITE tier player cards are more reasonable and worth considering, as the Philadelphia Eagles are the best team in the league right now via team record.

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